November 23, 2008

Superior Scribbler Award

I was recently awarded the Superior Scribbler Award by both Bernadette and Brittany. It truly makes me feel great that you guys appreciate my blog. If you haven't yet discovered their blogs, head on over. They are both talented writers and will make you laugh with every entry. Bernie is a dedicated stay-at-home-mom with a love of animals, fashion, and the Colts. Brittany is a talented graphic designer and mommy with a love of hockey, Tim Thomas, and hockey :-)

So I'm supposed to give this award to 5 more people. Every blog I read and every reader I have carries a different reason why I read, and a reason why they are a Superior Scribbler. It seems that most people that I feel deserve this award have already been given it. So, I think I might do things a bit differently. I want to share with you 5 blogs that you may not have seen or heard of, that weren't a part of AOL. Blogger is a wide, wide world :)

1. A Womb at the Inn (sane) Kadi is a very talented and ambitious woman who never fails to make me laugh. Some of you may have seen Kadi and her family on Supernanny. She has taken on several business endeavors recently but is still there to be a mommy to her brood of 7 adorable kids (and a ton of bearded dragons!).

2. Bring the Rain Angie Smith is wife to Todd Smith, leader of the Christian band Selah. In this blog, Angie shares the story of her daughter, Audrey Caroline. I encourage all of you to read Angie's blog, starting at the very beginning. No matter what your faith, Angie's beautiful writing style and Audrey's heartbreaking story will have you captivated.

3. Gosselins Without Pity As an avid watcher of Jon and Kate Plus 8, at some point last year I got on the net to read some more about the family. There I found a lot of info I wasn't expecting. Why their parents/sisters/etc. aren't in their life, what has now happened to their relationship with the kids' Aunt Jodi, how much outside help Kate really has... I could go on. It is eye opening and the bloggers on Gosselins Without Pity's main concern is how child labor laws do not protect the Gosselin 8. This blog is a bit extreme in opinion but it is quite eye opening. If you watch this show, it's worth checking out.

4. Our Journey of Love After many tries to become parents, this woman and her husband adopted a baby boy from Russia. Now, a year or so later, they are wanting to adopt again. They had the chance to adopt a baby girl and even spent time with her in the hospital, but their story took a heartbreaking turn when the birth mother decided to take the baby home. I just started reading this blog a few days ago, but I am sure that after all the ups and downs, their story will have a happy ending.

5. Princess Melissa If you were a fan of Real World New Orleans, you probably remember the wild and crazy, and ever-entertaining Melissa.This is a great blog that chronicles her life. She is hilarious and doesn't hold anything back. She was married recently and after trying for quite some time, is finally pregnant. I'm sure she'll have tons of interesting things to say about her pregnancy.

Well, there you go. Enjoy!


Theresa said...

Congrats to you for the award!

Leslie said...

Hey girlie ;) Congrats on both awards! That great you got them two times awesome ;) I know i was so honored when Britt nominated me too. Its a great feeling to be recognized. You definetly deserve it. I havent known you long but i enjoy reading your blog a lot already. Great pics too hun. I will have to check them out. They all sound interesting.
Have a good day, Leslie

Sara said...

Hi Stephanie!!! Thank you so much for following my blog!!!! Sorry it has taken a little while for me to make it over to you to say hi!!!!

First, I have to say, your girls are soooo cute!!!!!! =] And wow, poor Miss Summer!!!! I went thru and read everything from the begining! OMGosh, I feel so bad for her, but she seems to be doing ok with it! It is soooooo heart breaking when your kid gets hurt!! **knock on wood no accidents here in a lonnnnnggg time** I remember when Chloe (my oldest) was 2 years old, we were at my brother house and she ran behind a lounge chair which apparantly had a nail/staple sticking out.. she fell and used her hands to brace herself.... well, she ended up cutting her pinkie finger almost to the tendon!!! (thank goodness it didnt go that far!) I rushed her to the hospital, she wasnt crying any longer, until they put the papoose on her! ugh. My heart just broke hearing her screaming for me to get her out!!!! Sometimes I wish I could keep them in a bubble so they dont get hurt! lol

Brandi said...

I can't wait to check out your picks. I have no doubt they'll kick major booty. : D

Kadi said...

Thanks my friend!!

Terri said...


Can't wait to check out the other blogs...I love Jon & Kate +8

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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