November 24, 2008

Making up for lost time

I like rain when it's warm outside, but not when it's 40-something degrees. There is nothing more miserable than being cold and soaked with rain. Luckily I don't need to leave the house today. We're having a nice, lazy morning. My mom is going to stop by around 3 to bring Summer her bunny. Harley chewed it's eyes off so my mom took it home and fixed it. I'm baby-sitting Xavier today, but not until 6pm. The whole baby-sitting thing is going well, but tonight should be interesting. My SIL closes tonight so she may not be here to pick him up until after midnight, and I am TIRED.

Yesterday, my friend Nicole brought me her copy of Twilight. I have heard people talking about this book and now the movie, non-stop, and I finally gave in to see what the fuss was about. I enjoy reading, but I've never been into the whole vampire thing. I had my doubts that I would even be able to get through the book. Well, I was wrong. I read the entire 498 pages last night, from 10:30 pm to 4:56 am. I was exhausted, with blurry vision and a headache, but I could not put it down! It is worth the hype, amazingly. I'm curious to see if the movie is as good as the book. I doubt it will be, since they usually never are, but I'm still excited to see the characters I read about in action.

I was a horrible blogger last week. I just had blogger burnout, I think. I'm recovered now, so hopefully I can get back to regular posting. This week was uneventful, as was this weekend. The most exciting thing that happened was that we rented a carpet cleaner from Kroger and cleaned our living room carpet. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. It looks brand new now! I'm so happy, because the disgusting juice and whatever the heck else mystery stains we're really grossing me out. I hate messy, dirty houses. If my house is dirty or things are not where they belong, I feel out of sorts, so that dirty carpet was really messing with my feng-shui.

Summer and Camryn are both doing great, and being their adorable selves. Summer is doing about the same as far as her drops, but her eye looks SO much better. Her eyelid isn't drooping anymore, she almost looks normal. Camryn is starting to say more words. Her newest is "help me!" It sounds more like "Heh meee!" though. She is still obsessed with bananas. She would eat 25 bananas a day if I would let her. Here's our stock for the week:

Summer's fruit of choice is apples. We have to have plenty of those, too.

At least they like healthy stuff :-)

So on Friday, I was in the kitchen cleaning, and I thought Summer and Camryn were both napping in their room. I had put them both down maybe 30 minutes before, and hadn't heard a sound. Camryn started fussing, so I went in to check on her. Summer wasn't in there. I went into the living room and found her sitting amongst this:

Yea... those are tampons. She had somehow sneaked out of her room and closed the door behind her without me noticing, and gotten into the one drawer in the house that doesn't have a baby-proof latch on it. I guess I can't blame her, tampons are pretty interesting if you don't know what they're for. When I was little, I threw them in water and watched them expand for fun.

Camryn has the most bizarre habit. I mean, I guess the concept isn't bizarre, just the way she does it. She has always taken her socks off. Constantly. I can never keep socks on her. And now I know why. She is absolutely obsessed with picking lint out from between her toes. She will pick it out, hold it to her nose for probably 30 seconds, and then put it back. Every single time. It's strangely cute. On Saturday she had on tights under her skirt and got SO MAD when she realized she couldn't take the tights off to find some lint. She pulled at them as hard as she could and said, "Hehhhh meeeeeee!!!"

Joe did get a deer last weekend when he went hunting. He got an 8-point buck. I think that means it's antlers had 8 hook things on them.

I can't stand to look at that poor deer's face, and I didn't want to subject you guys to it either. We had the meat processed and went to pick it up on Saturday. Our freezer is now full.

This has taken me absolutely forever to type, and it is now lunchtime. I'd better end this now, before Summer realizes she's hungry. She's not one to wait on her food!


Bridgett said...

I read Twilight last summer...and when Breaking Dawn came out this past August (it's the 4th book in the series), I literally spent that one weekend doing nothing but reading. It's a LONG book. About twice as long as Twilight. But I just had to see how it all ended. :)

I need to see the movie though, darnit!

Both my kids love bananas, but neither is crazy for apples, although they do like apple juice. And I make homemade pear sauce for Parker once a week. I mix a lot of his supplements in that.

I was totally giggling about Camryn and her toe lint. That's just funny. :) And Summer and the tampons? Wouldn't she die if she knew where those ended up? LOL

Glad to hear her eye is healing well.

My dad is out hunting this week, so I'm sure he'll bring home a deer. I don't eat venison though. Of course, I don't eat beef or pork either. LOL I'm about 2 steps away from becoming vegan.

Anywho..I'm rambling.

Good to hear from ya, girly!

Bernadette said...

My sister was just telling me about Twilight, she's so excited about the movie...I'll have to check them out, everyone's been saying how good they are.

LOL...I love that you said it's f'ing with your feng shui! I have to clean the carpets at least once a week...I can't stand stains, it's all I look at if it's there.

I'm so glad Summer's eye is doing better..that's such a relief I'm sure.
LOL, I think we have that banana hook too ;) apples and bananas are what Eli survives on.

LMAO @ tampons and toe lint...those kids of yours are too cute.

Good joh Joe :)

Missie said...

My daughter is a Twilight fanatic!

Have a good week.

Allison said...

I have to laugh at all the presents on the floor that were left for you. LOL I hear so much about that Twilight, must be good. Don't worry about the blogger burnout, happens to everyone. Have a happy hump day Tuesday. : )

Leene said...

I've not gotten into the whole 'Twilight' craze - I'm just not a vampire book fan. I am so with you on the kiddos eating apples/bananas my youngest will eat apples and bananas 24/7 if I'd let her. She's also a huge fan of string cheese, thank goodness for healthy habits. I had to laugh at both Summer and Camryn, they are too cute and you've got stories for the baby books. Thanks for covering the deer face, I can't stomach the picture. Leene

Theresa said...

All I have been hering is the the Twlight series and the nmovie. I heard the movie was a disapoinment compared to the book but it is usually like that anyway.

I love the pics of the ampons on the floor. I was trying to figure out what they were before i read it. I was think chalk, LOL

Kids will be kids!!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!


Terri said...

My nephew used to do the same thing with the lint between his toes...he could pick at them for hours...haha Too funny!

OMG..haha@ the tampons...she was having herself a good ol time!

I wanna read Twilight and see the movie too...i'm not much of a book reader not sure if I will skip the reading and just watch the movie or what...but everyone is just so excited about both!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Mc Allen said...

aww, sweet toe lint batman!! Your so cute, this made me snicker out loud when I saw your tampon explosion. Sorr, I really do feel for you Stef. I have 4 gorls and I had 3 in doapers all at onece... Its a blur really. Your a wonderful mommy and your blog is precious!! I'll be back... LA

JC said...

too funny about the tampons and lint!

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