November 12, 2008

Summer's Eye Update, etc.

The Good News: Summer's eye is healing well. There is no infection and there is not a cataract forming as of yet. We still have some waiting to do because it can take up to a month to develop, but we should know for sure at her next appointment, in 3 weeks.

More Good News: As of this evening, we only have to give her one kind of eye drop 4 times a day, as opposed to 3 kinds of eye drops, one being 6 times a day, one 4 times a day and one 2 times a day. Yay! Less stress and trauma for us all! Also, she doesn't need to wear that eye shield anymore, which is great. The medical tape that held it on, even the most gentle tape we could find, caused her sensitive skin to bleed from taking it on and off. We had to cover her cheek in band-aids. Hopefully now, it can heal.

The Bad News: Summer will need vision correction as soon as her surgery, to remove her stitches in 6 weeks, is over. Her injured eye will always need help focusing. The doctor seemed surprised that we did not know that. Nope, no one mentioned that the 20/20 vision that he said was quite possible after she heals would be because of glasses. As her mom my first reaction to hearing that was to think that there is no way my perfect little girl was going to walk around with glasses. But it is what it is. I'm still really upset about it, but Joe and I are still so thankful that something worse didn't happen and I have to keep reminding myself of that. Bridgett, good timing with taking your kids to the eye doctor. Believe it or not, when I remembered you were dealing with having to get glasses for your little ones, it made me feel a lot better. Our kids are just going to look smarter than all of the others ;)

I'm going to be starting to baby-sit my nephew, Xavier, tomorrow while my SIL works. He's about 4 months old. He's a good baby but I'm still not sure how dealing with a baby and two toddlers is going to go. I've watched him quite a few times before but not day after day. Wish me luck!

I'd better go... Camryn and Summer need to go to bed and I promised Joe I would be off of here at 7:45 so he could play World of Warcraft. I think I might start a Widows of WoW club, anybody wanna join??


Bridgett said...

No infection, no cataract...that's great news!

I'm sorry to hear about the glasses though. Believe me, Steph, I empathize. I know glasses don't seem like a big deal, but when your kids are so small, it's kind of sickening to realize they're going to need glasses for the rest of their lives.

But you know what? I kept saying the exact same thing you could be SO MUCH WORSE. Especially in Summer's case. In the scheme of things, glasses aren't such a big deal.

And they make some really cute ones for kids too. :)

Damn straight our kids will look smarter than most. LOL

Hang in there.

And good luck babysitting! You're a brave girl. I babysat my cousin's girls this summer (they're 10 and 7)...and they just about drove me crazy!!! But awww...a 4 month old. I miss babies. I bet you'll find your girls wanting to help out a lot. They'll mother him.


EmilytheCreative said...

I'm glad all is healing well. I hope no more problems arise from this. Poor baby. And I am sure she will look just adorable in her glasses. And once she is old enough she can ditch them for some contacts.

Brittany said...

AHHHH Its so nice to hear that Summer is doing well!

Bernadette said...

LMAO@ Widows of WoW....thank god Chris doesn't play that one, I've heard that they get all kinds of involved in that game.

I'm so glad that Summer's eye is doing better. She'll look so adorable in her glasses...I'm sure they're a pain in the ass at that age but they look so cute in their tiny glasses :)

Bernadette said...

there's something for you over at my blog :)

Brandi said...

Yay I knew Brittany would show me a new great pick. :)

I hope your baby feels better soon. Poor kiddo! Plus glasses aren't so bad ... actually I found ways to break mine when growing up haha


Leslie said...

Hi Steph :) Sorry i couldnt get here sooner. I didnt have internet for a few days. so just getitng back into the groove of things, lol. Im so glad Summer is going
to be ok. Thats a bummer about
the glasses though. We as mommies never think about our babies having to wear glasses till much older. I totally get how you feel. But it seems like its not permanent and it will help her so thats great. at least she doesnt have to take so many eye drops either which is awesome too. Poor baby girl though what an ordeal for her. You and ur hubby have been great with helping her thru this. Hang in there hun. Hope she is getting better day by day. Hope all is well sweety. look fwd to the next entry, Leslie

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