November 12, 2008


I've been a bad blogger the past few days. I really haven't had anything new to say. My days have consisted of sleeping, eating, changing diapers, and eye drops.

Summer is doing fine it seems. She still hates the drops but she's calmed down a bit. She has a doctor appointment with her surgeon today at 3:15, keep your fingers crossed that there's no infection and by some miracle she doesn't have that cataract!

We've been hunting for a house the past few days. We've decided to go ahead and move from here and rent a house somewhere else. We would love to have stayed here until May like we had planned but frankly we're sick of dealing with certain things that come with living here. I'll get into that at a later date I'm sure. We have decided to rent for another year or so instead of buy, to give us more time to get excellent credit and save up more money. We're looking in this area and around Joe's job and my parents' house. This is a good part of town so everything seems so expensive. I can already tell that if we want to live in a decent place we are going to be broke all of the time.

I think I hear Summer playing in the silverware drawer and Camryn is done with her banana so I'd better end this. Hopefully I can write a more entertaining entry soon, although it's kind of nice not to have much to say after the last few weeks I've had!


Brittany said...

LOVE the new Blog Look!
Keeping my fingers crossed for Summer and a new house! That would be awesome! I love seeing people move into new places and seeing them interior decorate LOL

Bridgett said...

I'll say a little prayer at 3:15 today for Summer.

Good luck with the home search! If you do move, you must take pictures. I'm like Britt...I like seeing the decorating. LOL

Let us know how it goes today, please!


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