September 23, 2008

Summer is 2!

Summer's 2nd birthday was August 27th. I cannot believe that my little baby will be in preschool next year. We had cake and ice cream on her actual birthday, and then the Saturday after we had family and friends over for an Elmo party. It went really well. I had even stayed up till 1AM the night before making Elmo cupcakes. They were...interesting. All the pictures of her party are on my parents' camera, but I have a few from her actual birthday.

This morning, as Summer was eating her banana and Camryn was whining for one, I asked Summer if she would share with Camryn and give her a bite. Her reply was, "No, she doesn't want one." Haha! My absolute favorite Summer-ism of the moment is that she calls me "babe". Joe calls me babe a lot and Summer has picked up on that. Yesterday evening, while we were sitting on the sidelines of my brother's soccer game, Summer picked up a leaf and held it out to me. "Hey babe, here you go." The soccer moms couldn't stop laughing.

Camryn is getting so steady on her feet! Just a few days ago she was very wobbly but yesterday she practically ran across the room. She is also getting her top two teeth in. She looks so amazingly different.

A whole box of Cheerios, on the floor. I'm guessing she had some help from another mischief maker who can reach boxes on counters, but I won't name names.

This month has been really interesting. Louisville was basically shut down for almost a week after a windstorm caused by Hurricane Ike blew through. Winds were around 75 mph and knocked down trees and power lines all over the place. Over half of Louisville was without power, including grocery stores and stoplights. It was chaos. They even called in the National Guard. We were completely without power for 2 days and then luckily our neighbor's son-in-law brought him a generator. He let us run a cord off of it so we were able to plug in our refrigerator and alternate between our phone chargers, the coffee maker, and the TV in the kitchen. With those things working, we were in good shape. We lived like that for a few more days and finally the power came back on, right after we had made our dinner on the grill. It was a crazy experience, but I don't think I would take it back. We got to see some great neighborly acts of kindness in our own neighborhood and across the city, and we really had a reality check in how much we take for granted.

Here's a video that I found on YouTube of the storm:

As crazy as this was, it is nothing compared to what Texas is dealing with, so for that we all feel very lucky.

I just heard Barney sing the "I love you" song, so I think my time is up.


Tiffany S. said...

Is Summer's hair getting curly? How cute is she? ;) I couldn't imagine being w/out power for one day...much less more. BTW I love that pic of Camryn with the Cheerios all over. ;) So funny.

Jennifer said...

Wow! Good to see the update. The girls are getting so big. I can't believe how time flies!!!

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