August 22, 2008

Camryn is 1!

We finally just went to a party store to pick out their birthday party decorations. We decided on a 1st Birthday Girl theme for Camryn that involved a lot of pink and purple and flowers. We decided on an Elmo theme for Summer, since she loves Elmo, but we didn't buy any of that yet so it could still change.

We had Camryn's party on her birthday, last Thursday. It went really well. Almost everyone that we invited showed up, and we had pizzas and cake and ice cream, and opened a mountain of presents.

She loved her cake, as you can see...

Here's the birthday girl in her birthday dress.

It's hard to believe we're doing this again next Saturday for Summer. It will be fun though. From what I've gathered, there will be even more people there. I'm really hoping that the weather cooperates. We plan on grilling and building a fire in our new fire pit that night.

In other news... I had really wanted to begin taking some college classes this semester. I was hoping to qualify for a grant so that I wouldn't have to take out a loan. Well, I qualified, but there is no more grant money left this year. So, I have to wait until next semester. I have to re-submit my FAFSA as soon as we get Joe's W-2 and hope for the best. I'm worried that I might not qualify this next time around because he is making more money than last year. But all I can do is wait and see. Taking out student loans sounds really scary when we're trying to buy a house.

If you ever wonder why I don't write entries more often... It has taken me one hour to do this one. I have changed one (disgusting) diaper, cut up an apple, read 2 books, carried one child around on my shoulders, put another child down for a nap, watched 5 minutes of Teletubbies, and cleaned up 76 cheerios that were on my living room carpet.

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Tiffany S. said...

Love the b-day pics! :) She's so adorable!!!

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