February 4, 2013

IMPORTANT! We've moved!!

Hey everyone... I'm hoping that you are getting this in your feeds or follower updates. I've moved my blog over to Wordpress! There is so much more you can do with your blog there. Now that I've been designing Wordpress layouts a lot lately, I just couldn't wait any longer. I've been posting over there for a few days and plan on posting regularly, like I used to :)

Please please please head over and subscribe via your favorite reader or add it to your bookmarks so we don't lose touch!

Google Friend Connect doesn't transfer to Wordpress and I would hate to lose you all! The same URL as always should take you straight over (http://www.dirtandlace.com) or you can enter the alternate url (http://www.dirtandlaceblog.com). Please comment and let me know you saw this, I have no idea if this will show up in your feeds and updates or not.

Hope to see you over at the new place!!

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