March 3, 2012

Dear Jace: Six Weeks

Jace… you are six weeks old! Actually closer to seven now. It seems like you were just born a few days ago. I’m sure I’ll be saying that forever… I still say it about your sisters.


You go to your check-up next week, but when I weighed you at home, you were 11.2 lbs. You’re wearing mostly 0-3 months clothes, and have completely outgrown the newborn stuff.


I am still exclusively breastfeeding you… you haven’t had formula since the stupid nurses in the hospital gave you some. You are doing really well with nursing, and eat every 3 or 4 hours. You go a little longer at night between feedings, which is great for me! Although we’ve both figured out how to co-sleep and nurse safely so I feel like I get plenty of sleep on most nights. I love waking up and seeing you sleep soundly next to me.


You finally stopped pooping with every feeding, so it might be time to try out some cloth diapers! Hopefully it’s not as overwhelming as it seems like it could be.


Your sisters adore you and help Daddy and I out a lot, getting your pacifier or a diaper, handing you to us from the swing, talking and playing with you… you are one spoiled-with-love little boy!


I left you for the first time a few nights ago, to see your cousin Richard’s band play. It was only for a few hours but I worried about you the whole time! I knew you were safe with Grandpa and I had pumped milk for you, but I was afraid you would fuss the whole time. You did, apparently, but I think Grandpa still loves you anyway.


You have some fussy times during the day like most babies, usually around 9pm or so, but you get over it pretty quickly. No signs of colic around here!


You love laying in your swing. It puts you to sleep pretty quickly, but if you are awake you watch the mobile spin or stare out the window at the sky. You also love to be carried around in my Boba Wrap. You sleep so soundly and I can get things done around the house!


Your biggest milestone to-date: An hour after I commented on someone’s Facebook picture of their baby boy smiling, saying I can’t wait for you to start smiling… you did! On purpose! I haven’t caught a good one on camera yet, so this one of you smiling in your sleep will have to do. So precious, and look at that dimple!


Next milestone on the list: Getting one of this big baby belly laughs out of you, because there is nothing better than that!


Susie said...

Just to precious!!

Holly said...

aw, he's so cute and growing so much! IMO i don't think cloth is any harder than sposies

D said...

He is sooo cute!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Wow! 6 weeks already? Time flies!

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