February 13, 2012

Weekend Love.

I live for the weekends right now… Joe is home, we have no where to rush to early in the morning, and we can do whatever we want.


Saturday we decided to go see a movie. After trying to see Journey 2: The Mysterious Island after lunch and it being sold out, we went ahead and bought tickets for the next showing that wasn’t sold out… which happened to be pretty late, around 10pm. I was a little apprehensive about going that late, especially with small kids, but it was the weekend and I always encourage spontaneity, so we went for it.

We took naps that evening to prepare for being out so late, and then went out to eat. Around 9pm, we headed to the movies. It was super crowded, but we had our tickets already with assigned seats, so it was no big deal. I had Joe take a picture with my horrible camera phone. Of course Camryn’s eyes were closed. I was nursing Jace… best way to keep a newborn quiet in the movie theater!


The movie was pretty good (there was a miniature elephant!), and the kids did great.

Sunday we did what we do best… nothing.



Joe told me if I post those I’m in huge trouble… so don’t tell him.

Summer has been hard at work on her valentine’s. Her teacher asked that the kids make their valentine’s instead of using the store-bought kind. It’s been pretty time-consuming but I do think it was a great idea to have them make them.


Take a good look at these teeth… the two on the bottom in the middle are loose!






Susie said...

To funny of the picture of Joe!! Great looking family!!

Missie said...

I love the weekends too. After 23 years together, I still love when he's home from work and we can sleep in late and do what we want on the weekend.

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