January 30, 2012

One Week Old

Jace turned one week on January 23rd. Here are some pictures we took throughout that week…


He loves his swing!



He sleeps in our room in this Sleep N Play every night. He’ll be doing that until he’s sleeping through the night, hopefully in about 6 weeks or so if he’s like the girls were!


So sweet. This yellow outfit was Summer’s, that she got from my Nanaw… it was the first baby outfit anyone ever gave her.



I think he already has Joe’s big square manly hands.




Hanging out with Daddy


It’s kind of hard to tell in these pictures, and it was MUCH worse, but Camryn got strep last week and was prescribed Amoxicillen. After about 4 days, she developed a horrible rash that almost looked like chicken pox. My mom took her to the doctor, where we found out she is allergic to Penicillen. It’s been almost a week since then and she finally doesn’t have a rash any more. It was so horrible… bright red splotches and spots over her entire body. She was miserably itchy even after taking the medicine that was supposed to help. I am so glad it’s over with and so is she! I hate that she has an allergy, but it could definitely be something much worse.




Cassie Channell said...

My little boy did that! Right after his 2nd birthday he had a terrible reaction! I put him to bed with a few spots thinking he may be getting chicken pox and he woke up the next morning covered with a splotchy rash with his eyes almost swollen shut!

rumpydog said...

Jace is adorable! Welcome to the world Little One!

-stephanie- said...

He is a cutie! Such a beautiful little family you have.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Absolutely precious! It looks like the girls adore him!

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