January 30, 2012

Bath Time!


Jace’s umbilical cord fell off pretty quickly, last week some time. There was a tiny bit of moisture/yellow looking stuff in there still, but I Googled and found out that the advice I had been given with all three kids was outdated and as long as the cord dries completely afterwards, newborns can take normal baths right away.

He was a little sleepy but we needed to get ready to go out to eat, so we went ahead and put him in. He immediately started fussing but didn’t cry at all.



We cleaned him with a little Burt’s Bee’s baby wash and then got him out. Nothing like a clean baby!


After his bath, the five (!) of us went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat dinner. Jace did really well in his first restaurant – he slept the whole time, even at the grocery store afterwards!


Susie said...

Such a good baby!!!

Riley said...

Awww! Jace is so cute! I'm loving all the photos of him :) I'm excited to hear more about how the girls are adjusting to the new baby as well!

Glad you and the baby are well <3


Amie said...

He's so cute! Congrats!

Missie said...

I always loved bath time when my kids were that little. He's a darling! Like your new blog layout too.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

How cute! I miss that age!

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