January 23, 2012

A Baby Story: Part Three

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While I was being taken to the recovery room and set up in there, Joe went up with Jace to the nursery.


After watching them settle him in, he went to the waiting room to tell the people that were there (my mom, dad, brother, aunt, Summer, and Camryn) that Jace was born, and what was going on with him. He was gone for about 15 minutes, and then joined me while I laid in recovery. He told me that everyone was there and would be waiting for me to be taken to my room. He also said the nurses had wheeled Jace to the waiting room on the way to the nursery, and my mom and aunt had gotten a brief look at him. Of course the girls and my dad had chosen that moment to go to the restroom!


I started to get nauseous after a little while. I knew it would happen at some point… during my c-section with Camryn it happened while I was still on the operating table, so I was glad it waited until that part was over with. The nurse gave me some medicine for it, and also for the itching that had started on my face because of the pain medication they had given me with the spinal. After about 90 minutes in recovery, they took me to my room.

Joe, my parents, Wes, Susan, and the girls joined me. It was strange… at this point normally the baby is with you and everyone is holding them and ooing and ahhing… but it was just us there. Wondering what was going on with Jace and how long it would be before we could have those first moments with him.

I tried my best to explain to the girls what was going on.


Nothing had happened the way we had prepared them for so far, and I knew they were probably confused. They seemed okay, but I still felt really bad that things hadn’t gone as planned. Jace was spending his first moments with wires and tubes in his nose, surrounded by strangers, instead of in our arms like I had dreamed about. I tried to concentrate on the fact that besides the fluid, he seemed healthy. He could have been born with something much worse, and for that I was definitely thankful.

A nurse from the Special Care Nursery came down at some point, and explained a bit about what they were doing. She said he was on oxygen, and they were monitoring his stats to make sure his blood pressure and heart rate were stabilized. She then told us that we, and anyone who wanted to go with us, could go up and see him any time. The girls would not be permitted to go up to visit though, because they were under 12 and it was RSV season. We were so disappointed, but understood the risk.




Joe and I decided that my parents and Wes should go up and see Jace, so the four of them left. Not long after, Joe’s dad and sister showed up. I explained to them what was going on, and once Joe, my parents, and Wes got back, then they got a chance to go up and see him.



Next was Susan, my cousin Richard, my Aunt Ann and cousin Andrea, who had driven up from Bowling Green the day before in order to be there for Jace’s birth and had arrived while Joe’s dad and sister were visiting him.



After everyone that was there had visited, all we had to do was sit around and wait for him to improve. Joe had been told by the nurse that Jace still had so much fluid… she said his body would eventually absorb it all, but in the mean time all the could do was watch him and make sure that happened. It was looking like it would be 2-3 days before he would be well enough to come downstairs with us. I couldn’t believe it… 2 or 3 days before I would get to take care of and bond with my baby.

Again, I reminded myself that we were lucky to have an otherwise healthy baby. I knew he was in good hands.

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Holly said...

I'm glad you had so many there to support you!

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