January 30, 2012

A Baby Story: Part Seven

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That Thursday morning was a bit of a blur. My doctor stopped by to do a quick check on me and to see if I was ready to go home. He said I could go that day if I wanted, or wait one more. I was SO ready to sleep in my own bed… the hospital bed was killing my back. Jace’s pediatrician also stopped by, and said he was good to go as well. We finished getting paperwork filled out, packed up our stuff, I had my staples taken out, and we got Jace dressed and ready to leave.






We were finally released around 2pm. We dropped off my prescriptions and then headed home. Summer and Camryn had school the next day, so they came home for a bit that evening but then stayed the night at my parents’ house like they had been since Tuesday so that my mom could get them to school.



Our first night home went pretty well. My milk had come in and Jace was eating every two hours or so. It HURT, but the lactation consultant said he was latching properly and the pain would subside in a few days, so I took a deep breath each time and got through it. His nose was pretty stopped up from having the oxygen and feeding tube, so it made feedings a little hard and he cried a bit out of frustration, but other than that, we all made it in one piece. My mom brought us a cool mist humidifier that we ran the next day, and that cleared his nose up pretty quickly.


That’s it for the “story” of Jace’s birth/first few days. It was a lot to type out and some of you may think I overdid it with the details, but the week was so crazy, and fairly traumatic, that I needed to. Now I can get to regular posting about our day-to-day life with a new baby!


Mom of M&Ms said...

so thankful that you are home together and all is well... some medical staff just amaze me

Holly said...

Hope the BFing is feeling better now!

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