January 23, 2012

A Baby Story: Part One

Things are settling down here a bit so I want to go ahead and write about Jace’s birth, before it is all a blur. I think I’ve put it off a bit because the first few days of his life were so far from what we thought they would be like, but it will be good for me to get it all recorded.

My c-section was scheduled for January 16th at 7:30am. Joe and I were asked to be there at 5am to check in and get started. My aunt Susan offered to have the girls stay the night with her Sunday so that they didn’t have to get up so early. She promised to have them at the hospital the next morning, bright and early, so they could be there right when he’s born.

Sunday evening, we went out to eat for the last time as a family of four. We had a gift card to Olive Garden, so that’s where we ended up. We had a great meal together, and spent some time going over what would be happening for the next week with Summer and Camryn. Afterwards, we dropped them off at Susan’s, and went home to finish packing our stuff and try to get some sleep.

We woke up around 4am. We were exhausted but so ready to have the baby!

DSC_0646One last belly pic before we left for the hospital… 39 weeks and 5 days.

We got to the hospital and were immediately checked in and sent to a really nice big room to begin the fun pre-op stuff.. you know, IV, blood pressure check, peeing in a cup, etc.



Around 7:30 the doctor was in the building, I had met with the anesthesiologist, and everyone was ready to get started. Joe put on his paper suit and I put on my hair net and we headed to the operating room.



Joe went to a waiting room while I got prepped. My nurse went over what would be taking place, and then I got the spinal. It took affect pretty quickly as they laid me down on the operating table and I started getting really anxious. We were having a baby, there was no turning back now!

The doctors and assistants starting coming in at that point, and then finally, Joe. He took a seat next to my head as they began the surgery.


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:) I totally thought there was gonna be more at the end of the post! Onto the next!

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