December 16, 2011

Cookies, Snowglobes, and a Christmas Program

This week…. I am so glad it’s over. It seems like there was so much going on and I could barely keep up. Not that this coming week is going to be any less hectic, but at least it is now holiday break for the girls, so I can cross getting up at 6:30AM and driving a million miles a day off my list.

Wednesday I had to bake cookies for Camryn to bring to school for after her Christmas program. I did something simple, but they turned out pretty cute and delicious.


Break and bake sugar cookies, cream cheese cookie icing, and candy cane Hershey Kisses. It doesn’t get easier than that.


Of course, if you’re feeling less pregnant, overwhelmed, and exhausted, you could use your favorite homemade sugar cookie and icing recipes.


I also think next time I will add sprinkles.

Last night I finished up the girls’ teachers’ Christmas gifts. A few weeks ago I saw this snow globe gift card holder on Pinterest and thought it was a cute idea. It adds a little creativity to the generic gift card and makes it more personal. Please excuse the poor quality of this picture, I took it in a dark kitchen early this morning. It looked cuter than this in person.


You just take a Mason jar, any size (I used pint jars but I kind of wish I had gotten some a little taller), and fill it with glitter and water and any small items you want. I used little miniature ornaments. Then you hot glue your gift card standing up to the bottom of the lid. I also glued a little Santa down there. Then turn it over, add a ribbon around the lid, and you’re done! Click here if you want to see the tutorial I used.

Summer went on a field trip to see The Nutcracker this morning, and Camryn had her Christmas program. Joe and I dropped her off, went to IHOP, and then got back to her school an hour later to watch the program. My mom and brother also came to watch.


For one of the songs, the pastor of the church that her preschool is at played the guitar with them. Camryn is over to the left in the middle row.


She did such a great job. She sang and danced the whole time, and didn’t act overwhelmed by the audience at all.


DSC_0387“…you better not pout…”





After the program, we went to the gym for cookies and punch. And yes, this picture makes me wish I had gotten her some red tights.


She’s getting so big!


Summer had a great time on her field trip. They also got to make gingerbread houses this afternoon. It was definitely a good day for both of them to end the first half of the year on.


Susie said...

Great ideas with the cookies and snow globe.Children Christmas is always so much fun. Glad she enjoyed doing it.

rumpydog said...

The cookies look yummy but the pic of your daughter with her father is adorable!

Mariana said...

Cookies look delicious. And I think the snow globe is a great idea.
Lovely photos.
Merry Christmas!!!

p.s. - GREAT BLOG! Like it!

Holly said...

those cookies look goooood! It's so much fun to see your kids perform like that!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

The cookies look delicious, and it looks like a cute Christmas program!

emess said...


Warren Baldwin said...

Neat pics. Hope you guys are having a great New Year.

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