November 14, 2011

Squeezing in some time… and guess who’s 30 weeks!


It’s been a week since I posted last. Oops. We’ve been pretty busy with school field trips, Joe’s crazy work schedule, spending time with my brother who was home for the weekend, among other things.


We did manage to squeeze in some time outdoors, taking advantage of the beautiful weather that is surely about to turn into blustery cold and snow.


After school on Wednesday, we met my mom, aunt, and cousin at the park. (My cousin took these first five pictures)



Then on Friday, my dad took the day off of work and the girls, my mom, and I met him at the lake for a boat ride and picnic.


I’m now 30 weeks pregnant so I thought it would be a good time to do a little questionnaire on how things are going…


How far along: 30 Weeks… the end is in sight!

Baby size: I haven’t had an ultrasound recently, but babycenter says he’s around 3 lbs., and 15.7 in. long.


Total weight gain: If I go by my pre-pregnancy weight, I haven’t gained anything… but if I go by my weight in the first trimester after I started getting sick, I’ve gained about 12 lbs.

Sleep: It hurts to get settled in bed, I get horrible sharp pains when I lift my legs so laying down and turning over is excruciating, but once I’m settled I sleep great. That is, until about 5am when I wake up and have to pee.

Movement: Jace seems to sleep a lot during the day, but at night after dinner he is all over the place! I can tell he is running out of room, because I’m starting to get kicked in the ribs a lot, generally at the same time it feels like he is trying to punch his way out of my pelvis.

Food cravings/aversions: Nothing in particular. I think part of the reason I haven’t gained much weight with him is that I don’t have cravings or need to eat as often as I did with the girls. I do eat well and snack often, but then again, I did that before I was pregnant!


Notice anything odd about that picture?


Pregnancy Symptoms: Now that I’m in the third trimester, I’ve been getting really tired pretty much an hour after I wake up every day, really similar to the first trimester. I’ve got the pain I mentioned before, along with back pain. Is the pregnancy penguin waddle a symptom? If so, I have that too.



What I miss: Not hurting every time I move… having a (fairly) flat stomach that doesn’t knock things over… being able to walk around a grocery store or my neighborhood for more than 20 minnutes without feeling like my insides are going to fall out




What I'm looking forward to: Finally meeting Jace, having him on the outside of my body where I can see him and hold him.. seeing Joe with his son and the girls with their little brother, and feeling like our family is complete.

Milestones: I washed and hung up all the clothes we have for him so far. Which made me really we still have SO MUCH to do!


Best moment this week: It wasn’t this week, it was last… I had a doctor appointment, and he had me go ahead and schedule my c-section. Jace will be born on Monday, January 16, 2012, around 7:30am!


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angela said...

Amazing pictures, as always :) I wish I lived there! Instead I'm stuck here in the city.

Anonymous said...

Awesome outing! I would have had a great time there too!

Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...

Wonderful pictures!
Your pregnancy is flying by! How exciting that you have an end in sight!

Holly said...

wow! time is flying by for you in your pregnancy (at least to me! lol)

Missie said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Life just gets in the way but if you add the new blogger email feed on your sidebar, I can then have your posts go directly to my inbox which is much easier than going to my reader. Have a good weekend.

Ross said...

Ok I'm just going to ask so that I make sure it's not my eyes! Is that really a tire? How on earth did that get up in those trees. Great pictures!

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