October 19, 2011


SMH is one of those new-fangled acronyms that means “shaking my head”… you probably knew that. I didn’t, until a few weeks ago. I had been seeing it written for a few years and had gotten comfortable hearing it in my head as “smuh”. Which sounds like a confusing noise, so I guess I was close.

I just love to hear what comes out of my kids’ mouths, and they regularly leave me SMH. My first-born daughter said a few things recently that did not disappoint.


I was in the tub last night as the girls were getting ready for bed and brushing their teeth. Summer sat down on the stool close to the tub and peered in at me, particularly an area of my body that is currently undergoing some changes.

“Wow, Mommy… how many gallons of milk to do you have in there now?”


Every day when I drive Summer to school, we pass by the Ohio River. Across the river in Indiana is the Colgate clock, which you can barely see against the skyline. During the darker parts of the day, it has florescent lights where the numerals are.

Summer noticed it during the first few weeks of school.

“Look! A ferris wheel!”

“It looks like a ferris wheel from here, but it’s actually a really big clock.”

“No Mommy, it’s a ferris wheel! It’s definitely a ferris wheel!”

“Nope, it’s definitely a clock.”

We had this conversation at least once a week ever since then. Then last week as we drove past, I glanced over and said, “Look, it’s the ferris wheel.”

Summer sighed, and said, "No Mom… that is a CLOCK.”


Summer is learning so much in Kindergarten. I had a parent-teacher conference last week and heard nothing but good things.

A big part of Kindergarten is learning to write and hopefully read. Summer’s writing has really taken off since the school year started, and she is constantly writing letters, numbers, and words on anything she can.

Apparently someone needs to tell her that if she’s going to deface public property, in this case the drywall in our unfinished bathroom, her name probably isn’t the best choice. It will give you away every time…

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Lace said...

I always see people writing "SMH" on facebook and I had no idea what it meant. For a while, in my brain, it meant "so much hate", even though it rarely made sense with whatever they had posted ;) I finally googled it a few weeks ago... and then I forgot AGAIN and re-googled it a week later! haha

Shannon McMillen said...

How many gallons ARE you up to now??? Don't leave us hangin'!! LOL I seriously cracked up!! LOVE IT!

Susie said...

It's funny to hear what your children is going to say next!!

Theresa said...

Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family!

Thanks for stopping by my blog hop. I am now following you back and can't wait to hear about the new baby!

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Theresa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holly said...

I thought it meant smack my head!

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