October 28, 2011

Mompreneur Spotlight: Stefanie Barcus

Every week, Dirt and Lace features a different mom who runs her own business from home while juggling everything else that us moms have to deal with.

Meet Stefanie Barcus, mom of four-year-old twin boys and owner of RockStar Babies Boutique.


RockStar Babies sells baby and toddler items such as bows, hooded towels, tutus, and leg warmers, all handmade and one-of-a-kind. A link to her Facebook fan page is at the end of the interview. I highly encourage you to check her products out!

What led to the start of your business?

I started my Business making burp cloths and hair bows for my two nieces. I have twin boys and knew I needed a regular "girly fix"!

How long has RockStar Babies been operating?

As I mentioned I started just making goodies for my nieces then as they were wearing the goods people started asking to buy them. That was about two years ago!

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What is the main avenue(s) you use to sell your products?

I mainly show my products on my Facebook page, but the majority of my business is from word of mouth and returning customers. I also do a couple of holiday boutiques each year, which generates wonderful new customers.

Did you try other ways of selling first?

I did try Etsy, but found I was not really reaching the "Mom population" where I am located. The market on Etsy is super competitive and I felt like I was being lost in the shuffle.

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Was this your first venture, or had you tried/started other businesses in the past?

RockStar Babies is my first venture into being a Mompreneur!

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Did you have instant success or did it take awhile for things to pick up?

As far as instant success goes, I would say it has been a gradual growth for me. The more products I add the more I sell! Adding a Facebook fan page has added a ton of business!

How many hours do you put into RockStar Babies on a daily basis?

I would say the amount of daily hours really depends on the season and the amount of orders I have going at one time. I always take advantage of my boys preschool days to get stuff done. Thank God I can involve my boys and keep them busy helping me when we are home together!

Where do you do most of your work?

I do all of my RockStar Babies work out of my craft room in my house. I have it set up just the way I want it, and love being in there creating. I do always keep a box of “to do’s” with me for busy work if I find myself with any down time while out and about.


Craft2 Craft1

Operating a business from home can be hard! Do you have support from your family?

I do have a ton of family support! Whether it's calling a family member to play with kiddos or helping me make stuff, my family backs me all the way. My husband does try to stay out of the "Danger Zone" (ie. my craft room) so he does not see the occasional bomb that goes off in there!

What is your favorite part of having your own business?

I love that by having my own business I am challenging myself daily to step out of my comfort zone and be creative. I am meeting new people and of course I love seeing kiddos sporting RockStar Babies goods!

What is your least favorite part?

My least favorite part of having my own business is when I have a "human error" and goof up.

IMG_0319D&L Gift1

What would you be doing if you didn't have your own at-home business, both monetarily and with your free time?

If I did not have RockStar Babies I would still be a stay at home mom! I would probably just be driving my husband crazy with home projects!

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Do you have any advice to other moms who want to start their own businesses?

My only advice would be to put your family first. Your customer will understand if their bow does not make it out in today's mail because you were creating memories with your family.

Thanks Stefanie! Check out Stef’s products by clicking here.

NOTE: I did NOT get compensated or receive any products in exchange for this post. Mompreneur Spotlights are written out of a passion to help and inspire other women to follow their dreams :)


Unknown said...

LOVE Stef (My super talented big sis) and all of her amazing RockStar babies creations. She really is a mom who juggles it all!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

How cute- I love the products she offers! I wish my kids were still babies. Good for her that she is able to balance it all & have fun doing it!!!

Unknown said...

Seriously, Stef is One Amazing, Gorgeous Woman..Both inside and out!! Her amazing creative sense and her unique fashion ideas display themselves perfectly in her high quality products! I am always the hit of the baby shower or birthday party when I give her pieces as gifts! You could not have showcased a more perfect Mompreneur, than her!! XOXOXO

Angelina Raven said...

WOW!! This stuff is AMAZING! I have lots of preggo friends and cannot wait to order some of this stuff!

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