October 25, 2011

I Made Stuff

I made something.


In my mind, I’m a very crafty person. In reality, my ideas and inspiration generally go nowhere. I’m trying really hard to get better about following through with ideas and things I want to try, because when I actually do this, it makes me happy.

I saw a picture somewhere of a monogrammed pumpkin, and I had been admiring the white pumpkins at the grocery store for a few weeks, so I decided to give it a shot. I found a fancy font (if you don’t have a huge collection of fonts on your computer like I do, try http://www.dafont.com/), made a really big M (what our last name starts with), printed it out, cut it out, held it on the pumpkin, traced around it with a pencil, and then painted it in with brown acrylic paint I found at Hobby Lobby. The last step was spraying it with a clear coat to protect it from the weather since it’s outside on the front porch. Totally easy.

Look, I also made this…


I’ve seen some similar candle holders on Pinterest and wanted to try it out. I got some round glasses at the bargain center, hunted for sticks in the woods by my house, and cut them equal lengths with hand shears. Then I glue gunned them onto the glass. You can probably tell it’s not finished in the back… my hand got tired of cutting sticks. But I plan on making a few more for the mantle or kitchen table. It looks really pretty when the candle is lit. They’re the perfect Fall decoration and it was super cheap!


I have a photography confession…


I was checking the settings on my camera earlier, and noticed something I couldn’t believe.


My exposure compensation was at –1.7. If you don’t speak this language, that means my camera was set to make every picture darker than what I composed it as. Oops! I have no idea how long it’s been like that, I don’t even remember adjusting it.


Camryn got upset about something silly and I told her she looked like a movie actress, as a tear rolled down her cheek. She was totally posing here.


I let her take a picture of me to make her feel better. This is in manual mode, no idea how it turned out so clearly. I guess I have a budding photographer on my hands!


Yay for popped out belly buttons and separated stomach muscles!


Camryn said, “This is how we do opera at school.”


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Susie said...

Cute crafts idea!! Cute pictures also!!

Holly said...

Great idea on the pumpkin! The white pumpkins are really neat.

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