September 16, 2011

5-Year-Old Blessings


Summer and Camryn spent the night with my parents one night last weekend. After the four of them sat down at the dinner table, my mom asked Camryn if she could say the blessing she had learned at preschool. Only having been there a few weeks so far, she couldn’t remember it.


My mom then asked Summer if she remembered the blessing from last year. Summer replied that she did, and said,

“Nature is good

Paper is made from trees

The sun is warm

I hope you enjoy your life”

I know that looks like a random jumble of thoughts, but picture a 5-year-old all the sudden putting that together as a blessing! My mom said that she said it rhythmically like something she had heard before.


She had her repeat it and Summer said the same thing again. Where she got it, I have no idea. She told me yesterday that she made it up herself!


I’m 22 weeks pregnant today! Baby boy has been kicking, punching, and rolling up a storm. Last night as I was laying in bed reading, I had the bottom of my book resting on my stomach. He kicked me so hard the book almost flew out of my hands! I know this is nothing compared to what I’ll be feeling by month nine. I sure can’t wait to meet this little guy!


Susie said...

That is a great poem that Summer said!! It is really good if she did make it up!!

Katherines Corner said...

So happy I hopped over. that is a beautiful blessing. From a beautiful child. Congrats on your future blessing. hugs

maren said...

Love Summer's blessing! Yeah for 22 weeks--before you know it, he'll be here!

Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...

That is so sweet!
Your pregnancy is flying by!

Fox Family said...

So cute.

Did you announce that it was a boy? If so I totally missed it. How exciting. What do the girls think of a boy? Whats the name?

We need belly pictures. Ha

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