April 27, 2011

Front Yard Photo Session

Harley had her very first trip to the groomer on Monday.


The groomer, Michele, and I used to work together at a pet store. I recently took some pictures of her daughter - check some of them out here. She managed to get Harley’s nails cut despite her newfound fear of nail clippers and she smells delicious. If you’re in my area and want to make your dog all pretty, check out The Paw Spa Grooming Salon!

It’s been raining almost non-stop for a week around here. I’m surprised we haven’t all floated away. The girls have been rained out of three soccer games in a row. Somehow between storms yesterday, they got to have practice. It was  really nice to get them out of the house and doing something active.

On the drive home, there was the most fabulous natural light coming from between the clouds. It was golden and amazing, so as soon as we got home I told the girls I had to take their pictures. By the time I got the camera, the intensity of the gold overcast was gone, but they were ready for pictures so we took some anyway!


When we pulled into the driveway, Summer said, “Mommy, I’m gonna talk on my cell phone in the picture, do you think that would be cute?”

Cute, yes. But am I ready to see her talking on a cell phone with that sassy look in her eyes? No way!




Summer has informed her preschool teacher that she has a crazy sister. I’m afraid it’s true.


Just because…


I’m not into generic posing, she did this one on her own. I do love it, though.


Summer would look up like this every time I snapped the picture. I think she was channeling her inner Top Model.


It’s raining again this morning. Our backyard is a swamp. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see an alligator walking down the street. I hope you’re all having a good (dry) week so far!


Lana said...

Great pics! It's raining here too. Ugh! Glad you are spreading a bit of sunshine in all this gloomy mess.

Carol said...

Great photos! I especially love the one of them hugging with their coordinating headbands on. CUTE!

Susie said...

Love the photo!!

Nicole said...

Love the pictures! It has been rainy and stormy on and off for what feels like forever here too. :(

Missie said...

Love the pics! Harley looks so adorable. It's been raining a lot everywhere I think. Maybe we should all start building Arks. LOL

TV's Take said...

Those girls are sooo cute! Love the one where she looks up.

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