April 17, 2011

Evolving Under a Microscope

A lot of bloggers like to lament about the number of people who get a new camera and open up shop as a “photographer”.


I get that. There are a lot of people who think good photography is anything shot with a dSLR. But I hate it when I read that stuff, because I feel like they’re talking to me. It’s hard not to question everything I’m doing at this vulnerable part of my journey.

Am I kidding myself? Is this really the path I want to take? Do I deserve to even take a step onto it?

I have {a} family member{s} who won’t even acknowledge my photography because it’s not something I went to college for.

I have to remind myself that I’ve put the time in… I’m going about things the legal way… I know my camera… I know editing and processing and exposure and composition…


Of course, I’ve got room to grow. I know where I need to improve and I know it will take time. Honestly, I hope I never quit learning and evolving.


I have to start somewhere. This passion and interest isn’t going anywhere and the business knowledge I’ve gained over the last few years isn’t either. Why not me?

I want to crawl into a technological hole for awhile so that I can focus on my goals and not let others’ opinions blur my focus (pun not intended but it works!).


But I won’t. I want to be able to look back on my journey and see where I was and how I grew into who I will be some day.

How’s that for a Sunday post?? I hope you’re all doing well. I know I haven’t been commenting much, but I’ve been reading!


Mom of M&Ms said...

Since I was 7 years old with a sea blue polaroid.. I have always had a camera in my hands..I was slow to leave SLR for DSLR. cause I like film...

My college degree is nursing...my joy is photogaphing life for others and for my family.. it adds to our family income.. I am legit (legal and taxes)

I wonder who those people are talking about as well. and wonder if they are picking on me...

I have had other "photographers" comment that they do more post processing then I do.. but that I spend more time on actually photographing.. well, I learned to shoot with film..and it was expensive to not get a few things right in the camera..
I think you do a great job and graphically, you are waymore talented then I could ever hope to be.. I love your style, and I think you are a photographer..

but my sessions fees are lower than most, and I do not gouge people on print prices....so maybe I am not a real photogapher either.. although I have a huge client list that is scrambling for appointments..

You make your choice, shoot your style, and love what ya do!

-stephanie- said...

I would hire you. I think you do a fantastic job.

Jamie Rubeis said...

I think you ABSOLUTELY have talent. Some of the best photographers I know are completely self taught. No one starts off great and photography is one of those things that is always evolving.

Now that I have taken interest in photography myself, I have come across a lot of people that have opened up a photography business that I have thought should not be. I can agree that it is not just about having a good camera. It's a combination of knowing how to use and having a creative eye for just capturing great moments and make art.

You are totally on the right path though. I think you are going to evolve into a beautiful photographer. Keep it up!!!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Well said girl!! Take care of yourself and most of all BELIEVE in yourself and your talent. I would hire you in a heart beat. I'm proud of you!

Kristi said...

I totally agree too! I read what people say too and always think they are talking to me! I had a girl locally make a whole spill about it on her facebook that "people should really watch who they hire as a photographer because she has seen lots of new ones and they arent great blah blah blah" I personally dont think her pictures are much better than mine. I thought it was so unprofessional of her to post that her facebook. I actually had a gift certificate I won forever ago and was goin to do family pictures, but after that I refuse to even use it because I think she is too snotty or thinks she is better than others haha! I mean if you are booking appointments then someone likes your work. I mean they see your portfolio on facebook and if they dont like it they dont have to pay you! LOL I have been booked about a month and half in advance so it couldnt be that bad!! LOL I think you do great work! PS lets swap family sessions for each other haha!! We arent that far away from each other!

Lana said...

You have to love what you do if you are going to be happy in life. :-P to those who will not let you grow. As long as you are not putting the welfare of your family in jeopardy, and I absolutely do not think you are, tune the nay-sayers out and develop the obvious talent you have!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has their opinios and everyones a critic. Many successful people didn't get a degree and often people are just given a gift. I believe God gives unique talents and abilities, because we can't all be the same !

You see something others don't when you photograph, I would focus on that. Forget your critics, because it's propbably just jealousy. It's easier to throw out some nasty comment than to give an encouraging word. How sad is that : ( even sadder is that your family and friends should be complimenting you and encouraging you. YOu'll be wearing a smile though when they ask you to photograph for them : )

If you have a camera and you enjoy what you're doing then just keep up the good work. UNfortunately there will always be someone with something to say. You just have to have tough skin and shrug it off.

Carol said...

Well, said. I think there are a lot of us out that feel similarly. I once had a pro explain to me the difference between a picture-taker and a photographer. Disheartening to me (the picture-taker), but it didn't stop me. Photography is my new-found hobby. I'm learning, growing, and it's a journey. Like any art form, it's subjective and as long as you stand behind your work, then that's all that matters.

Personally, I love your style, and your clean & crisp edits. You are going to make your mark. If you love it, then do it!

Sacha....xoxo said...

your blog absolutely lovely, and your girls is so gorgeous. i love your photographs talented. i'm your follower, i hope you will follow me please... http://sachasaucysnippets.blogspot.com/

looking forward to read your blog posts coming up.

much love, sacha xoxo

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