April 4, 2011

Crazy weekend with the pictures to prove it.

We had a crazy weekend around here. Saturday morning Summer and Camryn had a soccer game at 9AM. Summer played and did a great job. Camryn insisted on sitting in my lap the whole time and didn’t want to play. We’re really trying not to push her since she’s so little. Hopefully in the next few weeks she will get more comfortable with the idea and get out there!

After the game, Joe and I dropped the girls off at my parents’ house and went to a photography class that I got for free with the purchase of my camera this fall. It was a beginner dSLR class. I probably could have taught it myself at this point, but it’s always nice to review what you know and hear it explained by someone who knows way more than you do. The main reason I wanted to go was so Joe could learn about the camera and how it works. By the end of the class he was starting to shoot in manual!

It was a gorgeous day. I took this as we walked to the car.


And these as we drove back to pick Summer and Camryn up…





I love old buildings!!

Saturday evening I had a session with 2-year-old Eli. He was so sweet and adorable, which totally made up for the fact that he didn’t want to hold still or look at the camera!



After the session I ran back home to pick up my family and we went to my parents’ house to watch the Final Four game. Our Wildcats did not play to the best of their abilities and lost by ONE POINT. So disappointing. We had a great season though, so I can’t complain.

Sunday was pretty low-key. Our kitchen counter tops came in at Lowe’s so Joe, the girls, and his dad went to pick them up, and then I went to do a session with a friend. We had so much fun… we drove out towards the middle of nowhere until we felt like we were in a good spot. Meredith is a natural so the pictures turned out amazing!




We also met some animals while we were out there. When we got there the cows were like this…


And then when we walked over to the fence, they gathered together and arranged themselves in a line to stare us down.


It was kind of creepy.

The donkey didn’t seem to mind us. He was so cute!



We decided it was time to move when the bull came closer and gave us a look.


Today is a rainy day. I'm trying to get all my pictures edited and we are also working on our kitchen! Before and After photos to come :)


Jennifer Kay said...
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Jennifer Kay said...

I absolutely LOVE the first few pics of the church and the old buildings, so much folor and so CLEAR! Awesome.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great pictures! It looks like you had a nice weekend!

Susie said...

Great photos!!

Robin said...

Wow these are all so amazing!! Love the old buildings and the little boy precious! I loved them all!!

Jamie Rubeis said...

Your pictures are so good! I love the one where your friend is laying in the grass. Your perspective is awesome!

Mom of M&Ms said...

WOW! and I thought we had a busy weekend...

Love the shots.. your friend is gorgeous.. and that little one i nthe mud puddle is precious!

Brandi said...

Nice pictures :)

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