March 3, 2011

Picnic, Playing, and Bazombies

We’ve had a (mostly) fun, busy day today.

I woke up at 7am with two kids on me, one of whom was soaked with pee and tried to convince me that it was sweat. That was the mostly part.

Camryn and I took Summer to preschool at nine, and then I dropped Camryn off at my aunt Susan’s house. Susan had requested some Camryn time and Camryn was thrilled to go somewhere by herself.

I went back home to get some work done and before I knew it, my alone time was up and it was time to pick Summer up. After I got her we headed to the park to have a…


…picnic! And we met…


…my mom and Susan and Camryn there. Camryn presented me with a collage she had created with magazine pictures and something she’d made at story hour at the library. She had so much fun, I think preschool time with Aunt Susan might have to be a regular event!


We ate…


…and then the girls played for a long time.


The forecast said sunny and 60 degrees. They didn’t mention the 30 degree wind chill. I won’t complain though, for the sake of you Northerners.


Making leaf angels.



For about 15 minutes before we left, Summer and Camryn ran around playing with the cutest little boy. They bonded over (ba)zombies and karate. Summer and Camryn call zombies, “bazombies”. It’s so cute I don’t correct them.


Camryn drove us home. I don’t know how she saw over the dashboard or reached the pedals, but somehow we made it home safe and sound.


Now the girls are resting on the couch, and I’m working on designs and making to-do lists. Joe went fishing. I’ll be typing that a lot for the next 8 months.

Guess what…


Spring is in 17 days 1 hr 38 min 21 seconds!


Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

I feel bad complaining about chilly days too. But I still do it! ;)

New blog hop follower
Sweet T Makes Three
Twitter ( I follow back!)

maren said...

"17 days 1 hr 38 min 21 seconds!" but who's counting, right?

Raymonde said...

I am stopping by from The love of Blogs. You have wonderful photos. I really like the light in all of them. And the close ups on the picnic are great. Have a lovely day. xxx

Trina Curran said...

Love the pic of her driving! So cute. I think your pictures are awesome, by the way, and I really love your blog. I've only been following for a week or so, but I am really enjoying your posts!

Christina said...

Thank you for the spring count down! hehe

I think it has been a long cold winter for everyone! It's time. Time for SPRING and SUNSHINE! the end.

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