March 2, 2011

Coffee, Cuts, and Chasing Dreams

I realized we were out of half and half this morning. I’m kind of addicted to having half and half in my coffee. Coffee with milk in it just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. Call me spoiled, if you’d like, but I have to have my half and half! After I dropped Summer off at preschool, I used my gift card that Joe gave me for my birthday to grab a venti White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. Yum!


Yesterday evening, Camryn hit her face on a metal bar on her bed. It made a cut right next to her eyelid. It looked a little worse than a normal cut but we decided there was no need for stitches so we bandaged it up instead. It’s already looking much better this morning.

Don’t worry, she’s fine… I told her she didn’t have to smile and this is the look she gave me.


I’ve been hesitant to write about this, but I decided I need to. I got this anonymous comment the other day on this post about my work-from-home journey:


I have a lot I want to say about that. But I won’t. Learning to take criticism, constructive or just plain rude, is something I’m trying to work on. I’ll just say… you can think I take awful pictures. Everyone has their own opinion, and that is fine! But to discourage someone from following their dream? I can’t even comprehend it. I don’t need your advice, Anonymous, because I have so many wonderful family members and friends that support me in everything I do. I have best friends who give me cards like this…


… and then I know that as long as I work hard enough, anything is achievable.


Fox Family said...

Gotta love those anonymous comments!! I agree that photography is a competitive thing to do, but more reason to light a fire under your butt to be the best. Plus, people tend to want to bring others down without ever noticing that they are doing it. Screw em. I think you take amazing pictures. Something I could never do and be good at. Tons of software involved or not. HA

Warren Baldwin said...

Anonymous comments are usually meant to discourage and derail. You are wise to ignore them like you are.

Photography isn't easy, even with the good equipment. It takes imagination, creativity, time and perspective (see my current post). But, disparaging someone else's work is easy, that is why so many do it.

Anonymous may just be playing a game with you. Notice the follow up comment by an anonymous? It may be the same person just having fun trying to bring your blog down. Your blog is family-oriented and wholesome. Someone genuinely defending your work wouldn't do it in the terms the second anonymous uses.

I've had detractors on my blog, too. That's why I went to screening the messages.

Keep up your photography and writing. It's good.

And, I'm addicted to half-n-half, too :)


Brandi said...

Wow! I sometimes can not believe what people will say under anonymous. You are hard core woman because I wouldn't have taken that so lightly. : / The fact is photographers are needed and each person's style is loved by certain individuals. Anyone who doesn't appreciate your style and work is fine, but to be rude about it and suggest ANYONE can take a photograph with a good camera and photoshop is wrong. It's the photographer, I fully believe that. Skills are from within.


Oh and I hope she feels better soon. :( poor kiddo

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous in that just because you have a nice camera doesn't mean you can be a photographer. I don't mean you directly. I just mean people in general. I say you should follow your dream! But you should also understand what the anonymous person was saying. I have many friends that started a photogrpahy business and I personally don't think their pictures are good at all. But again that's my opinion.

All I am saying is that if you have a dream you should go for it. But don't think a comment like the anonymous was an attack or rude. I think what they said was said in a nice way and was just being honest.

(not the orginial anonymous commenter) I just don't have a username yet!

Mary said...

Hey I say you keep on chasing that dream! :)

I'm sorry the little one got hurt. Poor thing

Hope you have a great Wednesday darlin!

Riley said...

Nothing bugs me more than when someone who wants to be critical can't even man up and do so in their own name. Honestly, your photos are great, and I love reading your blog! If I were you, I wouldn't take anyone's criticism unless that person is willing to show who they are!

Keep snapping and blogging away! <3

-stephanie- said...

Poor Camryn. But I love the face she has.

I'm a white chocolate mocha girl too. :o)

I happen to like your photos. Follow your dream and practice makes perfect.

Rubydotlarue said...

I love your pictures! I have a fancy camera that I love, I don't take the best of pictures with it. But I am slowly learning! I love the pictures you put on your blog! So ignore the negative comments and chase your dreams!!! Keep on doing what you're doing!

The Hancock Family said...

I am new to your blog and absolutely LOVE it. Your photography inspires me. And if you touch one life(mine) with what you love to do it's worth it. Thank you for continuing to post, photograph, and share. :)

carolinagirl said...

Love it! I HATE Anonymous comments. I cringe when I see them. Just sayin! Keep at it. Rome wasn't built in a day AND where's the fun in no dreaming???

Jamie Rubeis said...

Well...i happen to like your pictures and i think you have a lot of potential. Any business you want to build is hard work, but if you are dedicated and confident that you will succeed, then you will regardless if other people agree with you.

I would like to have my own photography business one day too. I know i have a lot of learning to do and a long way to go before i can make it happen, but i am passionate about it and i believe tht one day i will be successful at it!

Keep it up!

Susi said...

People think they can say anything on the internet and get away with it..while they would NEVER say such a thing to someone IRL (well, some people probably would), it's just amazing how much time some spend on writing negative crap on other people's blogs. I think your photos are good, and your blog design is nice. I do some blog design too, but for Wordpress. If you have a clue what to think of generally to make Internet explorer display stuff normally, I'm all ears...Have a nice day and keep up the good work.

TexaGermaNadian said...

What a crock. If the person wasn't man or woman enough to say something on their own, then screw them. Sorry, it would make me mad though.
What a ham, your little girl, she is look soooo sad for the camera :) Keep taking pictures, keep designing and doing everything else! That anon might be a jerk, but everyone else loves it!

Tricky Nag said...

Anonymous is so wrong. I've seen lots of people with awesome cameras who take horrid photos: bad lighting, poor composition, the list goes on.

Frankly, I like your blog. And I totally get the whole idea of memory keeping. Blogs are a great way to get down stories that can easily be forgotten, and to include photos that may mean little on their own.

Keep doing what you're doing!

New follower

Holly said...

Aw, Camryn's face makes me sad. Hope the gash heals fine!

Don't listen anon one bit! You take great pics

Anonymous said...

For the record, I think you photographs are fantastic. Push bitchy comments aside and keep doing what you're doing.

Susan Stottman said...

We had fun today. Camryn liked being a pre-schooler. I wanted to tell you that I really liked reading the decription of your journey with Work-at-home/Momhood. I really believe that one of life's greatest gifts is having work that you do well that brings goodness/help to others. Your blog is really inspirational and you are great with design. The pictures are
a joy and you are a really good writer and conceptualist. Case in point--the image of the
hand holding the kitestring!!!!!Awesome. You may not realize how much you are inspiring your readers. That image stayed with me. Keep up the great work, my talented niece!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I think you take uh-mazing photographs. I'm not saying that just to be nice, but it's the truth! (And I like being nice...*wink*) I got an ugly comment once from an unknown person on my blog, and can you believe I actually lost sleep over it?? Crazy. People are heartless and their opinion of you or your work shouldn't matter. Keep doing what you're doing. You're doing great!!!

And...just thoughgt I'd give you a "good/friendly" Anonymous comment, although I've commented before..and often.

angela said...

"Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you're a director." - James Cameron

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