February 16, 2011

Straight Out of Camera

My Lightroom 3 free trial has ended and we haven’t gotten our tax refund yet… which means no editing for me until I can get my Lightroom back! I just love it… I can add my watermark with the click of a button, the exposure adjustment is perfect, and the noise reduction is amazing. Photoshop is great for most things, but Lightroom is greater!

So with that said, here’s some SOOC pictures I took while we were outside yesterday evening. Can you guess which kid was loving the camera and which one wanted nothing to do with me?

DSC_0559 (2)

DSC_0568 (2)

DSC_0557 (2)

DSC_0582 (2)

DSC_0581 (2)


jennohara said...

So cute! I love Lightroom too. I have it, but don't even use it too often unless I have some major adjustments I need done. I love how you can preset everything, and of course, the adjustment brush! :)
I personally like SOOC shots.
Keep up the great work!

K said...

Straight out of camera is still beautiful! :)

Carol said...

Did I know you were a LR user? I just got LR and have a lot to learn. Guess I know where to come for tips! I love you SOOC images...sometimes they don't need much tinkering :)

Mom of M&Ms said...

Love the SOOC.. but I love LR also.. Beautiful work. Great photos start with a click and you have that mastered!

1ne Proud Mama said...

These are great SOOC shots! Love them!

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