February 9, 2011

Gallbladders and Animals

Yesterday my father-in-law had gallbladder removal surgery. We all went to pick him up so that Joe could drive him home in his car and I could drive Joe back home after we took him back to his house. It was, amazingly, an outpatient surgery. They made four small “scope sites” and somehow sucked his gallbladder out of one of them. A nurse told us that before they came up with this new method, they used to have to make a huge incision and it required a week-long hospital stay. I think it’s amazing what they can do these days! The surgery went well and he should be good as new within a week or so.

Camryn and Summer had fun playing with the puppies at Papaw’s house.

IMAG0042  IMAG0041


We got to see my nephew and SIL for a few minutes before we left. Xavier is getting so big! His little brother is due in a few weeks, so stay tuned for cute newborn pictures.


Summer is still sick. I feel bad that we had to have her out and about yesterday, I know that didn’t help. Her temperature last night was almost 104, which scared me to death. Luckily it came down right away with some Ibuprofen. She doesn’t have a fever this morning so far. We’re thinking it’s just a cold, but if her fever comes back I’m going to make a doctor appointment tomorrow to make sure it’s not strep or the flu. She was really mad at me for not letting her go to preschool today. Her Valentine party is Friday and I’d hate for her to miss that, so we’re hoping she’s all better by then.

And of course, I’m starting to feel sick with a sore throat and body aches. I took vitamins, drank orange juice, and ate an apple this morning to help my immune system out. Hopefully it helps.

In other news, we bought a fish tank and stand from our neighbors for about $400 less than what it would normally cost.


We got the pump, heater, and substrate a few days ago and set it all up so the water could get to the right levels before we add the fish. We’ve decided to go with African Cichlids. There are so many varieties and colors, and they have little personalities that will be fun to watch.


We’re going to try and get the inside set up and get the fish in the next few days. I’m excited!


While we’re on the subject of animals… Last week, my Leopard Gecko, Dora, passed away. I had gotten her back in high school when I worked at a pet store, so she was around 8 years old. Their life span is 8-10 years, but I was hoping she’s live longer. She has started to have trouble shedding, and ended up with an eye infection. She stopped eating but let us hand feed her for awhile. Eventually she refused her food all together. She was a great pet… so pretty and neat to watch. I won’t miss having to buy crickets every other week, but I will miss her. I wish I had a picture of her on here, but they’re all in photo albums.

When Dora got sick, we brought her and our ball python, Patches, upstairs. We made them a spot in the office/guest room/middle room/whatever it is so we could check on Dora more often. It’s been nice getting to watch Patches more closely.


When people find out we have reptiles, there is usually one of three reactions… A. They tell us about their own and think it’s neat. B. They say they will NEVER EVER come in our house. C. They ask us why we have them and say they don’t understand the point. Reaction B always confuses me. Why would you tell me that? Do you think we are going to force you to touch them? Do you think we let them crawl around the house? Weirdos. Reaction C usually leaves me stumped as well. We LIKE them, they are our pets. We find them interesting. I don’t ask you why you keep your grumpy, antisocial cat around, do I?

I think I just accidentally vented.

Anyway… Here is my sick girl. (And her mullet)


…And here is my cuddle monkey who will inevitably be sick within the week.


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Fox Family said...

I want a fish tank, but it will never happen. Bummer! I hope that Summer gets to feeling better. She CANNOT miss the Valentine's party! I remember those being such huge deals in school. HA

Ummm... I liked your vent. Why would people care?? People honestly tell you they wont come into your house?? HAHA Goodness.

Sorry about Dora! Sucks to lose a pet.

Brandi said...

I hope Summer feels better soon!!!

Susie said...

Hope Summer feels better soon. She does look like she doesn't feel good with her rosy cheeks. Fish is very interesting pets.I love just sitting and watching them.

Mary said...

I'm so sorry about Dora! I had no idea you had reptiles. I think that's cool :)

I home the little one feels better and you don't catch anything

I love the fish tank! I would love to get one but we just don't have the room right now. I know Hailey and Kyle would love it too. Someday!

Have a great Wednesday

Katy said...

I hope she gets better, 104 would scare me too.
I love the fish tank, we are thinking about getting some fish for my daughter but we'll see. I had my gallbladder out in october, best thing ever and easiest surgery I have ever had.

Lana said...

Sorry about your gecko :-( I'm not saying I would run up and pet your snake, but if it's you happy, that's fine.

Hope everyone gets to feeling better. I sat in a restaurant this afternoon and felt my feet go numb with cold. I'm sure I will be feeling the result of my frigid feet by the end of the week :-( Dang colds. Time for daffodills to start blooming!

Ross said...

It amazes me how they do the gallbladder surgery these days. My wife had gallbladder surgery last year. In and out with four little holes. Lets face it she had a radical hysterectomy done and it was all done through the bellybutton. Great site!

b. lee said...

beautiful fish tank! hope ur baby girl is feeling better today & will make her V-day party * *

Crystal said...

Oh man! It is so scary when their temperature gets so high! My kiddo had that a couple weeks ago. But the Dr kept telling me it was just a virus...treat w/motrin. His temp was 104 w/motrin!! I was so scared!!! On a lighter note, I love your fireplace!! So beautiful!! Here from the Thirsty Thursday hop at FTLOB! Hope your little one feels better by the weekend.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm sorry to hear about Dora!
We've had some interesting pets, too. The rat was my personal fave! My husband got a snake last Spring. At first, I was really apprehensive about it, but I really like him now!
I love the fish tank!

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