February 14, 2011

Camdin Ray

My sister-in-law Nicole gave birth to our nephew on Saturday night. We got a text saying she was 5cm that evening, and we said, “Oh, we’ll just go up there in the morning, she’ll probably be in labor all night.” A few hours later, we get another text that said he was here! 6 lbs 10 oz. and 19” long. Just about the same size Summer was when she was born. They named him Camdin Ray, I love it.

We went to the hospital Sunday to meet him. I was feeling so much better and the girls were, too.



The picture quality isn’t the best… I had to lighten these up quite a bit because the sun was going down and the lighting in the room wasn’t great.





Camdin has hair! Not quite as much as his brother did, though. When Xavier was born his hair was about 2-3 inches long.



Nicole, Joey, and CamdinDSC_0420edit

Happy Birthday, Camdin!


Susie said...

How sweet!!

-stephanie- said...

He's so cuuute!

Carol said...

He's adorable and so itty bitty! Makes me miss newborness. Love his name, but of course I do because I own a Camdyn too (own probably isn't the right word). However, she's still the only GIRL I know with the name :)

b. lee said...

awww * congratulations on ur little nephew!

Brandi said...

So cute!!! Congrats to your family :)

Angelina Raven said...


Nicole said...

What a sweet litte guy! LOVE his name!

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