January 28, 2011


The second the sun burst through the clouds and filled my house with light, I said, “Girls, get your coats on!” We couldn’t miss it, I wasn’t about to take something I haven’t seen in months for granted!


DSC_1354edit-4hide and seek… the story of my childhood









DSC_1378editYes, Camryn was outside with water shoes and no socks on. I somehow missed that in our scramble to get out of the house.




DSC_1396editThe ice on the patio table is finally melting away

DSC_1400edit-2Or, uhh, being eaten.

DSC_1398editSometimes I bribe my kids with cookies to get them to let me take their pictures. Don’t judge.DSC_1411edit-4Jack wanted to come out and get some fresh air and sunshine, too.

My dad called a little while ago and asked if he and my mom could keep Summer and Camryn overnight until tomorrow when Joe and I go over to their house to watch a UK basketball game. I knew they would love to have a sleepover and spend some time with their grandparents so I said sure. The first thing they asked when I told them where they were going was, “Do we get pancakes for breakfast?!”

They left a few minutes ago. It’s nice to have peace and quiet around here... but at the same time I feel like part of my body is gone with my girls. I’m sure it’s like that for most parents! I’m going to try and enjoy my time without parental responsibility and get some things done around here. And maybe watch a “grown-up” movie or two.


Susie said...

Glad you all got to enjoy the sunshine. I know it is so far in between. I know how it is when kids aren't around making noises and everything is so quiet. You miss them even more.

Éimí said...

I absolutely ADORE your pictures! The girls are getting so big, and you are getting AMAZING shots!! <3

-stephanie- said...

Love the sunshine!
Love how the photo of jack turned out. Great color.
Enjoy your evening.

jennohara said...

Yay for sunshine!!! Love all the pictures, and the new look of your blog!

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