December 3, 2010


Camryn just asked me if Twizzlers have protein in them.

DSC_0092edit3w2a bird’s nest at my parents’ house; photo taken by my brother Wes

DSC_0968edit2wJoe broke the ax

DSC_0976edit2wSummer’s (rusty) tricycle

DSC_0966editwabandoned sidewalk chalk

DSC_0949edit2miniature tree in my bedroom

DSC_0901edit1w Camryn working on some art

DSC_0879edit2wSummer’s “I’m Done With You Putting That Camera In My Face” look

It’s finally Friday! Time to start digging the Christmas stuff out of the basement. We’re planning on getting the tree tomorrow. I see fires in the fireplace, homemade apple pie, and Christmas movies in my future this weekend. What puts you in a happy holiday mood?


Dana said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend! Thinking we will get the tree also this weekend and decorate. Love watching classic christmas movies, hot chocolate, any christmas goodies!! Thinking I may just make a batch of sugar cookies tomorrow! Oh and lots of Christmas music!

Lana said...

Christmas music, the old-fashioned kind with singers from years gone by. Love the music, and GASP! I love snow! Sounds like we will get some this weekend. Could get "interesting" as we like to say around these parts when we get snow and some wind (that is northwest Hoosier speak for 20-30 mph.) This is why we have the windmills! ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend making memories and traditions.

-stephanie- said...

These pictures are great! Love the last one of Summer. HA!

Holiday mood for me? Music, seeing people's outdoor decorations. If I can stay away from the crowds, I'm happy.

Lindsay said...

Oh us too! It's tree time and I'm so EXCITED for this weekend! ENjoy!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love random - it shows me real life.

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