November 22, 2010

Our Sunday

Yesterday afternoon, the girls and I went with my mom to the cemetery to see my Grandmother’s grave site and to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having.

This particular cemetery is huge and beautiful. I was excited to get some great pictures. Perfect lighting, the kids were looking cute, and then halfway there I realized I left my memory card in the laptop. Ugh. So, cell phone photos will have to do.

2010-11-21 14.35.48edit

2010-11-21 14.33.52edit

2010-11-21 14.34.01edit

2010-11-21 14.34.14edit

2010-11-21 14.44.44edit

2010-11-21 14.41.42edit

2010-11-21 16.36.55edit


Carol said...

Wow. Great shots for a cell phone!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Stephanie!

Vicky said...

The cemetery looks beautiful :) Your cell phone pics are really good and I would never have guessed they were cell phone photos to begin with. The girls are just adorable!

Mom2One said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. =) I love your work! I'm going to have to purchase one of your designs soon!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. Praying for ya'! God bless and happy Thanksgiving!!!

nmassie218 said...

Thank you for following my blog. Your blog is super cute, as are you children! I am going to be checking out your blog designs soon.

Ashes said...

beautiful photos! i love your blog. don't you love it how a day out can knock your kids out so fast? i love when my daughter is running around and she falls fast asleep as soon as the car starts. lol.

Happy Holidays!

Kristine said...

Hey, that cell phone ain't half bad, lol! I've totally done that before (left my card in the computer). Now I've started using a usb cord so I never remove it, lol!

Holly said...

You must have a good camera on your phone b/c the shots look great. And the cemetery looks really nice! I would def love to visit there.

Lori said...

Love that beautiful tree, and that last photo is priceless!

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