November 9, 2010


Today the girls and I went to lunch at Havana Rumba with my parents. Known as Grandmom and Grandpa to the little ones :)IMG_3305edit I had the BEST dessert… Havana Bananas. Flambe Bananas with vanilla bean ice cream

IMG_3311edit Summer and Camryn shared a kid’s size ice cream

IMG_3301editmy beautiful mama

IMG_3314edit I caught Camryn finishing off her dessert

IMG_3316editAfter we ate, we sat down on the patio area in the sun. 75 degrees in mid-November? I’ll take it.

IMG_3323editbest dad and grandpa in the world :)

IMG_3345edit2IMG_3346edit2Oh my gosh, precious!

IMG_3352editIMG_3331editIMG_3359editIMG_3349editpretending I was on vacation for a brief second…

until Summer and Camryn ran by me, shrieking and chasing each other. It was nice while it lasted!

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Mary said...

What a great lunch with perfect weather! Looks like you had a great time with your parents. :)

Ali said...

That one of your dad with Camryn? I die.

Lana said...

Ah the shrieking of little girls... kind of makes you sit right up and see which way the opposite direction is! ;-)

Erika said...

Great pics as always! Looks like a great time! :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That dessert looks delicious!
It's warm here, too, but not 75 degrees!
I'm glad you had a fun time with your parents.

Susan said...

I love looking at the pictures and your sense of humor brightens my days. Thank you for your
time and effort that translates into making the world a little sunnier. I am so glad you are reading ERAGON. Cheryl was cutting my hair today and she said she has read the first two books. I am currently 75% done with book three. LOVE LOVE LOVE those books...Rock on Saphira!!!

Lori said...

Your mom and dad look WAY too young to have grandkids!

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