November 13, 2010

I don’t like this weekend. At. All.

It is opening weekend for rifle season. That means Joe left as soon as he could Friday afternoon to get out to his dad’s house in the country so he could deer hunt.

But not before making a quick trip to the grocery store to stock up on frozen meals that his miserably sick wife could microwave for herself and his offspring throughout the weekend. And you know I feel bad to be giving that junk to my kids. Hello, sodium and preservatives.

I have a horrendous cold that has left me without many functioning brain cells or body parts. This whole being sick but still having to be a mom thing is not fun. Where are you, Mary Poppins?

On top of my being sick and Joe being gone, my grandmother is in her final stage of life. Her doctor is saying she may pass away this weekend, so I have to somehow get enough energy together to take a shower and get myself and the girls to the nursing home to be with her for a bit. My mom, aunts, and uncle are taking turns staying with her at all times. At this point she is being given a lot of pain medication and mostly sleeps. While of course we knew this was going to happen, and we have been grieving for her for some time after she was completely taken over by Alzheimer’s, it’s never something you are completely ready for. I think though, that we can be happy for her that she will finally be free from pain and suffering, and will be in a place where her mind is no longer held hostage by a horrible disease. Prayers for her comfort would be greatly appreciated.

IMG_3437edit IMG_3448edit IMG_3450edit

My kids are yelling that they want lunch. Seriously? I thought I told them I don’t feel good. Where did they get the idea that I should still have to do everything for them even when I feel like a dried-out sponge? It's like their world revolves around me or something ;)

I guess that’s all... I just wanted to share my misery with you and get some prayers going for my Grandmother. I hope you are all having a better weekend than I am :)

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UPDATE: About 10 minutes after I posted this, my Grandmother, Nancy Holmes, passed away. I am sad that she is no longer with us, but happy that she is now in a better place.


Ali said...

Oh Steph, I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family (and your stupid sickness, too!). xo

Susie said...

My prayers are with you and the family. Hope you feel better soon!!

Mary said...

I am so so sorry about your grandmother and you being sick. I will be praying for you and your family

Isn't it such a bummer that us mom's don't get sick days when we are sick? We still have to do our daily routine with the kids. I'm sorry you have to be alone this weekend while you're not feeling well. I wish I could come and bring you guys some tasty hot meals like soup or something! Again I will be praying for you.

-stephanie- said...

My sympathy to you and your family over the passing of your grandmother.

Hope you feel better real soon.

Kristine said...


Holly said...

I'm sorry about your grandma. Prayers of comfort for you and your family. And I hope Joe gets a deer.

Missie said...

Sorry about your grandma. We just lost Kevin's grandmother 2 weeks ago at age 101.

Take care.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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