November 29, 2010

Fearless and beautiful, with a side of Plastic Surgery.

My little girl is fearless. At the playground today she conquered everything in sight, insisting on doing it all herself, without a hand to hold.


My bigger girl has a beautiful soul. A few weeks ago, when I picked up Summer from preschool, her teacher and one of the aides told me that there was a new girl in her class that day. She was really upset and Summer had immediately gone up to her and comforted her. She played with her and made sure she was happy. The teachers really wanted me to know that, and I was so thankful that they had noticed and shared it with me. To know that she did something so kind, especially at such a young age makes me one proud mama.


This past weekend, Summer and Camryn went to their very first kid birthday party. One of Summer’s good friends in her class turned five and invited them to Puzzle’s Fun Dome, which is a huge place with arcade games, bouncy houses and inflatable slides. They had a lot of fun and were very delighted to learn that you get a goody bag when it's time to leave.


My mom is coming over to watch the girls in the morning while I go on a tour of one of the schools we are considering for Summer next year. Hopefully, being there during a school day will help us make the right decision.


Did anyone else watch the new show “Bridalplasty” on E! last night? If you didn’t, here’s a brief show summary: Twelve brides-to-be compete to win a ton of plastic surgery procedures of their choice and a celebrity-style dream wedding. Really. It is the stupidest, most disgusting premise for a show I have ever seen.


So, have I told you lately how much I looooooooooove my camera?


Kaileigh said...

And I love your camera too! Amazing pics, and sweet girls :)

Good luck with the school situation!

Mom of M&Ms said...

Love what you do with that camera.....and I agree about the show

Trish said...

what a great little girl you have!!!

I saw the previews for that show...but what if the groom doesn't like the results...hmmmmm?????

elvira pajarola said...

MAGIC photos of Your sweet little daughters..Stephanie !!
The Photography is totally magic and you catched the character of your sweethearts so artisticly!!!!!
All my very biggest COMPLIMENTS!!!!!!

( thanks so much for your sweet words in my Tuscany!)

ciao ciao elvira

Carol said...

These shots are great! I especially love the one of Summer's boots - great perspective on that one.

I haven't heard of that show, and from the sound of it, I'm glad of that!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are just adorable!

I heard about that show, I am so disgusted that a TV network even thought that was an Ok message to be passing on to the public.

kriznizzel said...

Wow beautiful photos and great blog I'm your newest follower

Lana said...

I just looked at the pictures I took at Tink's birthday party, and I either have a lot to learn about my camera and/or it is very difficult to be a party mom and photographer! I had so much red eye! UHG!

Bernadette said...

you are a natural! ..and that camera kicks ass!
*jealous* :)
....are you doing any editing or are these straight from the camera?

you're camera shopping inspired me to pick mine up and play with it again..i forgot about half of the features that i never use.

i've heard of that show, seen the promo for it. ...riiiiidiculous.

Holly said...

Aw, that was so nice of Summer! How sweet! I didn't watch that Bridalplasty show but kinda heard a little about it. Messed up IMO!

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