October 27, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Day 3-5

Joe did not have to be at the site on Monday, so no pictures from that day. On Tuesday he was due back at 6pm to help install all of the plumbing fixtures – referred to as the “finish”.

When he arrived, it was chaotic. It had been storming that day, so it was pretty muddy. Equipment and trucks were getting stuck in the yard. The site had shut down for a few hours during the worst part of the storm but luckily it didn’t set them back too far.

When he got there, he was told that they wouldn’t be able to do much until they could get an air test done on the sewage system. There was a leak somewhere that no one could find. After sitting around for several hours while the supervisors tried to find and fix the problem, Joe got impatient and jumped in to help find the leak. After a few minutes, he realized that something a roofer had done earlier in the day had caused their system to not hold air. He told the supervisor and the problem was solved. You could say that Joe prevented the whole makeover from being delayed ;)

Here is one of the fixtures he worked on… it is a sink in the half bath that is located next to the laundry room. (sorry it’s blurry)

IMAG0031While he was in the house working, he was able to see a bit of what was in store for the Lampe’s. He says the wood floors they were putting down are really nice, there is an awesome stone archway between the living room and kitchen, and in the girl’s rooms he saw some kind of wallpaper going up. He says they have a really nice kitchen as well. He couldn’t see too much more than that because he was working in the laundry room and half bath the whole time.

Joe said that there were people constantly walking around handing out food and drinks. He had a huge amount of Monster and Redbull, and had a big meal from a local seafood restaurant.

After around 45 hours total of labor, he got done around 11:30pm and headed home. When he left, there were still tons of people working on various things.

Here is what it looked like before he left:IMAG0032

He heard that Paige was at the house earlier in the day working on designs for the girl’s rooms.

Here is a photo I found on the Elite Homes Facebook page, of Paige, Pauly, and Ty working on the tree house behind the house: 69038_1446229631684_1111465916_30980837_4041775_n

A few more photos of the progress as of today, that I got from the Elite Homes website:

IMG_6641IMG_6592working through the storm on Tuesday

IMG_6465IMG_6461Love this!

IMG_6468 back of the house, and the sod being laid

The reveal/”Move That Bus” is scheduled for tomorrow around 2-5pm. Looking at these pictures and the live view of the crews working, I can’t imagine the house and property being ready in time, but knowing the amazing things that all of the workers and volunteers in our community have done this week, I know they can do it.


Bernadette said...

#46 ..yay for you! :)

I can't wait to see what the house looks like! Are y'all going to the reveal?

Vicky said...

Wow, I can't get over how BIG the house and garage for the wrestlers are! Yay for Joe :) I read someplace that thanks to both plumbers and another set of individuals, that the house was back on schedule... awesome that includes Joe. Can't wait to hear about the reveal!!

Holly said...

Wow! It's looking really awesome!!

Angelina Raven said...

What a wonderful experience. Thank you for shaing it with us :)

Lori said...

That is so cool that he could be a part of that experience!!

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