October 12, 2010


To have a successful marriage, you must constantly compromise.

In my marriage, one such compromise is, “Yes, you can have that deer beheaded and skinned and hang it’s body parts on the wall… BUT ONLY IN THE BASEMENT.”IMG_1770editI didn’t know Joe liked hunting until about 6 months into our relationship and by then I was totally in love with him and pregnant with his baby so I had to go with it. At this point, almost 6 years later, it’s a regular part of our life in the fall and I know how to do all kinds of things with deer meat. I don’t think I will ever enjoy looking at their body parts though… so to the basement they go.

I know you want to know what’s in the tanks… In the right tank is our Leopard Gecko, Dora. She was in her house so I didn’t get a picture.

In the left tank is Patches, our Ball Python. She’s really sweet. She’s a bit dull looking right now because she’s about to shed.IMG_1771editAnd while I’m posting pet pictures… here is one of Harley that Joe took last night. I’m cringing at the dog hair that is on my pillow, but isn’t she so adorable?!IMG_1716edit


Holly said...

Ah, the joys of being married to a hunter.

Stephanie said...

OMG!!!! You have a snake - there is nothing in this world that I am terrified of more than a snake - thank goodness my husband agrees so I don't ever have to worry about him wanting one. I can't even look at them without getting the chills so I can't imagine sleeping in the same house with one under the roof - oh my goodness I'd have nightmares.

I'm with you on the hunting too - no skins for me but you're such a good wife :)

Tiffany said...

Eww I didn't know y'all had a snake and gecko! LOL

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