August 24, 2010


This past Saturday (the 21st) we had a party at our house to celebrate both of the girls’ birthdays. Most of our close family and friends came over and we had cupcakes and ice cream and opened some great gifts.

The first gift they got was a picnic table from my mom and dad, along with an umbrella that goes with it. They LOVE it. They have needed a kid-sized table for a long time so it’s perfect. It even folds up so we can take it places or bring it inside. IMG_0050edit

They asked for cupcakes instead of cake. I found some really cute pink, brown, and white iced ones at Kroger. I had planned on making them but convenience won out.DSC03662editIMG_0058editDSC03674edit

My SIL Nicole and nephew Xavier. He was eating a strawberry, so I’m guessing that’s his sour face.DSC03710editDSC03693edit

They both got Sketcher’s Twinkle Toes from their aunt Jessica (Joe’s sister). They are in LOVE.


Summer thought this was a great spot for her bows.DSC03719editDSC03716edit

My friend Amanda’s son Brayden liked to turn the fan on and point it at the girls.


She’s also in love with this Dora guitar from Brayden and Camden. She even has an Elvis lip curl going on.


They got these really cute “sleepy” dogs that yawn from my friend NicoleDSC03740editThe party went really well and the girls had a great time!


Susie said...

Glad to see that they had a wonderful birthday party.

Holly said...

That is a neat table and even cuter that it comes with an umbrella

jennohara said...

So sweet! Happy birthday girls!!

Brandi said...

It looks like the cutie pies enjoyed their special day :)

{Kimber} said...

looks like a fabulous day!!!
those cupcakes look yummy and that little table it too cute

Missie said...

Looks like they had a great party. I love the picnic table.

Tiffany said...

Cute pics! I love the one of them eating cake, where Summer looks like she has a chocolate mustache! ;)

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