July 19, 2010

Birthday on the Lake

Yesterday was my brother Wesley’s 19th birthday. He wanted to spend it out at the lake (same place we went to here), so my parents, Joe, the girls, my cousin, and I drove out yesterday and met him and our family friends Gail, Bill, and Jordan out there. We had lots of fun going out on the boat and having a cookout.IMG_8959edit2Summer after swimming. Silly girl :)IMG_8979edit IMG_8996edit IMG_9002edit IMG_9006edit IMG_9016edit my cousin, RichardIMG_9026editJoe caught a bag that goes over a folding chair. It was a bad day for fishing.IMG_9041editWes skiingIMG_9032editAbercrombie model?IMG_9044editIMG_9054editWe watched this garden spider build it’s web on the side of the boat. It was so neat to see.IMG_9120editthe sunset over the lakeIMG_9078editAnd that concludes Wes’s birthday 2010.

I want to welcome all my new followers and subscribers! I hope you enjoy my blog!


Mary said...

That looks like so much fun! I really like your photography :)

Stephanie M. Page said...

I love your pictures and your design!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog on Friday, Iam a new follower.

HoosierFarmBabe said...

Love your photos! I'm your newest follower from Meet and Greet Monday! Come by and visit me if you get a chance @ hoosierfarmbabe.blogspot.com

With our best said...

Hi! I'm your Newest Monday Follower! Nice to 'meet' you! :)

You take amazing pictures! But the spider.. YUCK!

I'd love it if you'd followed me back!


furygirl3132 said...

Beautiful pictures, thanks so much for sharing.
I am a new follower from Meet&Greet Monday, so glad to have found your blog. Hope you have a wonderful evening!


Megan - A Ruffle In Time said...

newest follower,coming from meet and greet monday.. your pictures are amazing!

Stephanie said...

Love the tongue pic and your brother blowing out the candles! Those are all great!

Anonymous said...

Newest Follower from Surfin' Saturday. I hope you can stop in and see me sometime at www.hootiebee.blogspot.com

Nicole said...

I'm your newest Saturday follower!

Please follow back at http://www.onelittlemister.com/


Kristine said...

Oh, looks like a good time!

Monkey's mama said...

Hi! I am your newest follower :) I LOVE your blog!

You take amazing photos! Adorable kids : )
Please feel free to check out my blog Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums

Have a great day!

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