December 7, 2009

What do you do when...

... your 3-year-old daughter gets all 13-year-old with an attitude problem on you and stomps away, saying, "Do NOT talk to me. I'm LEAVING."?

...your 2-year-old copies her and gets a similar attitude when you tell her she can't have her vitamin until after dinner?

...your dog has the best personality and is a perfect family pet, except for the fact that when left alone for more then .2 seconds in the backyard, she jumps your 6 foot fence and runs around the neighborhood until she decides she's ready to come back, most likely frightening the neighbors since she looks like a pit bull? find toddler drawings of "people" on your furniture? can't quite work up the motivation to shower every single day, but when you don't shower you feel really dirty? can't decide whether to send store-bought Christmas cards or make some with a photo, and it's time to send them out yesterday, and you're the one who started a Christmas card exchange? just watched your 2-year-old wipe a booger on her shirt?

...your husband works reeeeally hard and will be working on something with his dad almost every evening after work which means you will feel like a single parent every day and be even more exhausted than usual? is gone as soon as it is received, to those things called bills, and it's almost Christmas? have 8 months worth of pictures that need to be developed?

...your kids are almost completely potty-trained, except for that pesky still-pooping-in-her-underwear-and-refuses-to-sit-on-a-toilet-unless-it-has-a-potty-seat-on-it thing your 3-year-old does? have tons of meat in your freezer to use for meals, but de-frosting meat is one of your least favorite things to do? love your family, but certain members make you want to rip your hair out on a regular basis? really want to get fit and lose the gross after-babies belly you have, but you just can't get motivated and you love to eat?

...your basement still smells like cat pee from the kittens you took care of for 6 months, that couldn't figure out how to use the litter box, even after you had it professionally cleaned?

...your kids refuse to sleep without the Christmas lights you put in their room on, and freak out when you try to close their door after they get up for the third time during the night?

If you all could answer these, I'll be on my way to a perfect life, I think. Thanks in advance!


Brandy said...

-Be thankful your 2 year old wants to take a vitamin! I have to fight a 13 year old every nite!
-Shower daily I do...but I was sitting at my craft show Saturday and told my friend and sister that I don't think I've washed my hair since Monday! I guess that is worse!
-the Christmas card exchange your going to have to go through with, since it was your idea! :) For real, check out Scrapblog! I just printed 20 cards at Walgreens for 6.00.
-aboout money, try Dave Ramsey...Im working on it now, its been somewhat rough, but we have cut out alot of un-necessary spending! I have the book if you wanna borrow it.
-I hate defrosting meat too! Im going to spend one day browning hamburger meat, seasoning for taco, spaghetti (dumping in Ragu) and freezing in 1 pound bags! So when Im ready to cook, just throw the frozen meat block in the pan!
-not sure about the cat pee..try vinegar?
Hope that know, since I've got my stuff all together! :)

Kristine said...

Uh, I'm right there with you on 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 13, 14 & 15, lmao! Except for the baby belly thing, I try to not be a hog so I won't gain 5,000 lbs and then try to lose it 2 months before summer but I just can't keep my hands off the chocolate tasty cakes.

Leene said...

I'm totally there with you on half those things on the list. I'd love to find what to do with little people attitude - I'm dealing with it daily. I second the idea of checking out the Dave Ramsey book, its a great tool to use. You're very lucky the kids are young and aren't asking for alot of high cost items. Hope things cheer up for you. Leene

gomillion and one... said...


clauren said...

Spa day. Money or no money, it is needed.

♥ Ali ♥ said...


Bernadette said...

-cross your arms, stomp your feet and say "then I'm eating your dessert."
-cross your arms, stomp your feet and say "then I'm eating your vitamin."
-tell the neighbors it's an experiment in human nature to see if anyone will be neighborly and tell you your dog is out. time someone will catch her and bring her home for you.
-draw a sign that says "no coloring on the furniture" right next to it.
-embrace your inner Aguilera and spray on some perfume.
-e-cards? ;)
-stick a tissue on top of it and pretend it isn't there.
-just spread cheerios on the floor while you nap.
-try writing IOU's at might work.
-put them in a pile until it gets to a full year's worth of pictures that have to be developed.
-bribe with cookies!
-crock pot it.
-xanax. xanax. xanax.
-...oh, I actually have advice for this one...StinkFree, you can find it at Petsmart. It actually works, worth the price to never smell cat pee again.
-threaten that Santa Claus can see them and he's considering moving them to the naughty list if they don't go to sleep right this second.


Brandi said...

I like Bernadette's answers. I might have to try some of those lol

-stephanie- said...

Ha Ha welcome to parenthood. And they really do get potty and poop trained. You may think they never will, but it does happen.

Tiffany Lockette said...

I am laughing, now of course but when these things start happpening to me (as Zoe gets older) I am sure I will not be laughing then. LOL

Bridgett said...

I hear you about the money leaving as soon as it's received. Bills SUCK.

Oh, and I have three years worth of pictures that need developed. Beat that! LOL

As for the rest of of these days we'll look back and laugh. I tell myself that at least.


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