December 10, 2009

Trimming the Tree

Last night after the girls' bath, we decorated our Christmas tree.

We have always had an artificial tree, so we decided to try out a real tree this year.

It smells really good, and looks beautiful and full.

But it loves to make a huge mess on my carpet.

And we discovered that real tree branches are a bit more flimsy that artificial ones.

Camryn and Summer loved decorating the tree. They made sure the bottom three feet were looking pretty and festive. (Don't worry - there were no hooks on the ornaments they were doing whatever they were doing with.)

And the best picture of the night award goes to... Camryn Grace.

The finished product. If I had a fancy camera, this picture would have turned out better. Ahem - Santa, are you listening?

I used to think we had a lot of ornaments, but now I realize we just had a small tree.

Summer and Camryn's bit of Christmas in their room.

And I am off to vacuum up pine needles. Again.


gomillion and one... said...

I love your tree and the pics. Jeff and I were going to get a real tree this year also but decided against it when we realized we had to buy lights. Gotta love the prelit artificial ones! lol
Enjoy all those pine needles!!!!

Susie said...

The tree looks great. Love the pics.

Missie said...

I would love to have a real tree but both Kevin and Brandon are allergic to them! Love your pictures.

Tiffany Lockette said...

Love the picture of Camryn!!

carolinagirl said...

love this post and Camryn's rudolph pose!

Brandi said...

great pictures. I love your tree and the girls are adorable like always :)

Bridgett said...

We used to buy real trees. Then I started getting bronchitis every that went down the toilet.

However, now, as a practicing Pagan, I just can't. I can't see cutting down a tree so we can decorate it for a month and then letting it die. It actually breaks my heart. LOL

I know, I'm weird. And please don't think I'm judging, I'm not. They've started selling pines and firs in potted planters so they can be reintroduced to the soil after Christmas...we may try that next year if it doesn't kill my lungs.

Oh, btw, what kind of tree is it? Pine limbs do seem to sag more, but if you get a fir, they're usually much hardier and stronger.

Bridgett said...

BTW, I think those pictures are pretty darn good! LOL

I bought Brittany's old's a point and shoot...and I don't have directions for it. This little yellow symbol popped up on the screen a couple weeks ago and we CANNOT get it off. But it seems to be some sort of anti-blur feature. Oddly enough though, it actually BLURS the pictures. It's driving me friggin' nuts!

So yea, tell Santa if you see him, that I need a new camera too. ;)

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