November 17, 2009

Vacations, Venison, and Victory!

So, yesterday, I screwed up my month long posting every day thing. But it's okay. I still plan on trying to post every day. Forever. And we all know that is not happening, but if that is my goal, maybe I will at least post every other day, right?

Joe took a week vacation from work this week. He deserves it more than anyone I know... it is his first paid vacation since he started working as a 16 year old at KFC. He spent the weekend hunting, and now he is back at home. We don't have any concrete plans for the week, besides me going to see NEW MOON with my friend Christine at midnight on Thursday (Friday), and a housewarming party out at Joe's dad's house on Friday, but we definitely want to get out and have some fun as a family, and we also want to get some work done around the house.

Joe got a deer over the weekend. Well, make that three. He got two the morning after I left, and another yesterday morning. We should have plenty of venison to last us throughout the year, and we are hoping some people will chip in for the cost of processing and take the meat we can't fit in our freezer. Anyone have any good venison recipes? I found a couple steak marinades last year that we loved, but I'd love some more.

I finished up the layout for the giveaway winner from last week. Jessica was an absolute pleasure to work with and I think it turned out great. Click on this header to go see what I did.

I am having a holiday sale at Dirt and Lace Designs from now until Christmas, 10% off all Deluxe, Ultimate, and Professional makeovers! Order now to secure your spot on the waiting list. Come on, you know you want a pretty blog :)

In HUGE Dirt and Lace News, My kids are ALMOST POTTY-TRAINED. Both of them! I really thought this day would never come. They are in underwear about 90% of the time, and I think we have only had one accident in the last week. I can't tell you how great it is to be sitting in the living room with Joe, and hear a toilet flush.

One way we finally convinced Summer that she needed to start using the potty was by telling her that if she was potty-trained, she could go to preschool and play soccer and take dance classes. I guess I have some phone calls to make. And I may need some money as well. Blog layouts, anyone? ;)

Today has started off pretty slowly. I'm only on my first cup of coffee. The girls are watching Max and Ruby. Joe is sitting next to me playing some mystery game. Hopefully we can get going soon and make some progress on one of the million things that still needs to be done to this house.

Have a great Tuesday!


gomillion and one... said...

Never had Venison....sorry no recipes!
I like the layout and am glad you are getting some quality time in with Joe and the kids. Have a great Tuesday as well.

Susie said...

Glad to hear that you are spending time with husband.

Jenilee said...

found your blog through Holly (Haas family blessings) and had to comment on the 3 deer! that is amazing. my poor husband took a week off work and is up in northern michigan with my dad and they haven't seen a thing. praying they see something soon! :)

Bridgett said...

Yay for potty training! I didn't think I was EVER going to stop buying diapers. LOL

So glad Joe got some deer. That should cut down on your grocery bill considerably.


Kaileigh said...

I've never had venison, but I've heard it's really tasty and also lean! We aren't really in an area where it's available to us though...

♥ Ali ♥ said...

That is AWESOME that they are BOTH almost completely potty trained! What a brave and brilliant Mommy you are!

(Btw, I do beleive I found you through Holly..haha)

Also, any chance you want to do a simple and very charitable layout design? haha. I doubt it. :)

Anyhow; I'm glad you are getting quility time together as a famil, it is totally a needed in any family. <3

Tiffany said...

Way to go to Summer and Camryn on almost having the potty training down!! :)

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