November 7, 2009

How You Got Here, 2nd Edition

When looking at how people have arrived at my blog here recently, I came upon some interesting keywords that people searched that brought them here.

"clear nail polish chuck e cheese tickets"

I don't quite understand why someone would google clear nail polish or chuck e cheese tickets at all, they're both kind of self-explanatory. This time they were not only Googling them, but Googling them at the same time.

"what kind of dirt do meerkats need"
If you can have meerkats as pets, someone please tell me. Those are the coolest little creatures ever!

"15 year old girls n@ked in front of tractor"
Yea. This is really disturbing yet somewhat funny. I got this one and quite a few worse searches. Took me a minute, but I finally figured out that it was because of this post I wrote about Hilary Swank sleeping n@ked with her boyfriend's young son in the house. I went back and edited it. Ugh... so disgusted seeing all of that.

"hippo laughing pics"

"said something and it happened"
Lemme try that....
I got rich tomorrow.
We shall see...

"yo mama nu*e"
Hahaha. I love how this person used the phrase Yo Mama, but was proper enough to use the word nu*e instead of n@ked.

"my toddler sprayed cologne in his eye"


Brandi said...

LOL!!!! I always get the "Big boobs" "Thigh shots" "Boob lineup" and I know EVERY single entry it links to. I need to change them, we got some freaks in this world. LOL - It also doesn't help that I still get so many freaking hits a day from Eeeeh

I like the hippo one, that's actually really funny. : D

Bridgett said...

Seriously, what the hell? LOL
I need to go check mine too...

Holly said...

It's hilarious (mostly) on what people search for and come to your blog. lol Looking forward to the 3rd edition!! :)

♥ Ali ♥ said...

Where do I check mine at? LOL

Cynthia said...

I like the Hippo one too.

Been a while since I have been here, I have about 300 entried to read of yours (ok not that much). Gonna comment as much as I can.


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