October 30, 2009

Spreading the Word

I posted this on Facebook but I know a lot of you aren't on there, so I wanted to share. If you planned on getting a blog makeover done any time soon, or you wanted to add an element to your current look, such as a nifty Favicon like my purple flower up there, now is the time!! In honor of my second favorite holiday (you just can't beat Christmas!), I'm offering 20% off ALL services from Dirt and Lace Designs. E-mail me at dirtandlace@gmail.com to place an order between now and midnight tomorrow to receive the discount.

*Coming up as soon as I'm done editing the pictures: pumpkin carving that we did yesterday evening.*

1 comment:

gomillion and one... said...

I need a really cute button. Maybe my mom will let me use her credit card and you can hook me up. :) ♥

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