October 7, 2009

Drink More Wat-Ahh!

This Summer, I was asked to participate in a summer challenge for Wat-Ahh, a company founded by moms who were bothered by the amount of sugar in drinks like juice and Gatorade. They didn't like that kids chose those drinks over pure water, which is always the ideal beverage, especially for little minds and bodies. Together with their kids, they created a brand that not only is appealing to little eyes, but is ultra-healthy. I jumped at the opportunity to try it out and share my opinion, because I loved their ideas and the concept. Anything that will get kids to make healthy choices and encourage them to drink more water is okay with me, especially in a day and age when obesity in children is at an all-time high.

I recieved a bottle of each of the Wat-Ahh beverages. There are four types of Wat-Ahh, each infused with a different all-natural brain and growth enhancers. One has electrolytes (BRAIN), one has Oxygen (ENERGY), one has Magnesium (BONES), and the fourth is pure spring water (BODY).

The true test came when I set the bottles on the table while the girls were watching Barney. They ran right over and insisted on drinking the water. I let them each have a bottle, and watched as they drank it all up. They said it tasted great, and were very excited. They kept asking what the cartoon was saying, and when I said, "WAT-AHH!" they laughed hysterically. They then asked for me to re-fill the bottles with more water. I'm convinced the bright design and funny little guy yelling on the bottle did the trick.

Joe and I each had a bottle as well, and the taste was pure and clean, way better than any expensive bottled water I have tried before.

Wat-Ahh can be found at some stores in your area, although it is not carried in every state yet. You can purchase it for $1/bottle on Amazon.com, though. Visit Wat-Ahh's website for more information!


Holly said...

This is interesting!! I don't like drinks with added sugar at all. In fact, drink drinks mostly water and then milk. I used to give her a little bit of juice but I cut that out now.

gomillion and one... said...

Wow, I wish they had something like that her. Chase will only drink water if its in a bottle and I'm drinking it. :(

Thanks for the info!

Bridgett said...

I'm ALL about water....as long as it isn't full of lime and flouride and other crap found in tap water.

And although we use bottled water because we don't have a water filter yet, I still wish companies could find some material that doesn't leach into the water, flooding it with toxins.

Do you know what these bottles are made from, by any chance?

We pretty much are glass based these days.

Eliza said...

I love the tattoo!

My new blog is up, would love to have you visit!

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