September 1, 2009

An Evening With Mr. Cheese

Sorry I've taken way longer than intended to post about Summer's birthday. I've got a million things going on at the moment it seems...

*The main reason for the delay... My power cord for my lap top stopped working so my computer is currently dead. I'm having to use Joe's, which means re-uploading all my pictures and programs. Ugh. Can't wait to get a new cord.

*Joe's dad just closed on a house last week (a really neat, old, liveable and was nice at some point but needs major work farmhouse on a bunch of acres about 40 minutes away from where we live), and he has needed Joe's help getting stuff done before he can move in. Joe has been gone basically since Friday, going there straight after work and being there all weekend, with exception to when he was sleeping. It hasn't been fun being here every second of the day alone with two bored kids. I've been trying to keep them and myself entertained and am exhausted from it. I feel for those of you who's husbands are gone for weeks at a time.

*My brother left for college a week ago. I know that doesn't directly involve me but I've been worried about him and feeling kind of "off" with him out of town. Luckily, he's going to Western, which isn't horribly far away. And he's kept in touch, sending me nightly text messages from the frat parties he's attending. Ugh. He's coming home to visit this weekend. I didn't realize it, until recently but I guess I actually like my brother :)

*I started baby-sitting today. I'll be watching an 18-month-old, Bella, and a 3-year-old, Hannah, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Their moms work with my friend Jillia. They need a sitter, we need extra money, so it works out perfectly. They are really sweet kids and Summer and Camryn are going to love having kids to play with, so I think it's going to be great. Today I only watched Bella, Hannah will be starting next week. Cross your fingers that I can remain calm and patient... even four cute little girls can drive you insane!

So without further ado, I present to you the pictures from Summer's birthday. We decided that a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's was in order. The girls are old enough to enjoy it, and they had never been. I hadn't been in years, and was pleasantly surprised at how calm the atmosphere was, how clean it was, and that the rides and games were only 1 token each. My only complaint is the ridiculous cost of the food. We'll be eating before we go next time!

the first ride of the day was, of course, Barney

mesmerized by Chuck E. Cheese

we brought cupcakes instead of a cake, they were delicious. courtesy of Kroger, not moi

my mom showing Summer her card

my aunt Susan... Camryn got a card and gift too, since Susan couldn't make it to their party

their new keyboard, they love it!

watercolors from Grandmom and Grandpa

of course we had to play Skeeball. no dirty diapers this time, thank goodness ;-)

the last ride of the evening. Daddy got in on the fun, too

Summer had a great birthday and we all had a lot of fun! I have to admit, I felt like a kid again when I won the jackpot on one of the games and got 100 tickets. I started yelling, "I won I won I won!! Look what I did!!! Mom, look!!!" And then I realized the other parents, and my kids, were looking at me. They were probably just jealous, right?

I've filled this post to the brim with pictures, so I'll wait till later to post the pictures of my new god-daughter!! Have a great night.


Chantelle said...

Sounds like you are a busy girl! Hope things calm down for you soon. My husband is one of those that's gone for weeks at a time, and it's NOT fun.. most times ;) The longest stretch was 2 months...I almost went crazy. I really envy military wives who are alone for a year or longer at a time. I don't think I could do it. Of course it would also help if we had family nearby, but we don't -so no babysitter, no break ever. Blah!!!

Good luck with the babysitting. I would most definitely go crazy! ;) Looks like you had a wonderful time at Chuck E! I always celebrate when I get the jackpot tickets, so don't feel bad. We're just young at heart. ;)

Brandi said...

Great Pictures!!! We love Chuck E Cheese. Good Luck with the babysitting. I'm sure you will do great :)

clauren said...

Looks like it was a hit :) I loved the pics. Haha , sometimes I do the mom look at me thing, with out paying attention...she usually is all over the girls, guys its my inner child coming out!

Karen said...

Looks like a great time! Glad they had fun! I do the same thing when I hit the Jack Pot at CEC! hehe

Tiffany Lockette said...

Chuckie Cheese, I forgot about that place, how fun!! Glad she had a great Bday. Bryan and I felt like kids again when we went to PC Beach FL a few weeks ago, we went to Shipwreck Island (waterpark), we were running from slide to slide like kids, had a blast. Gotta let your hair down sometime huh? Glad she had a good bday. Both girls are precious. I am trying to figure out who they look like the most.

Tiffany said...

"It hasn't been fun being here every second of the day alone with two bored kids. I've been trying to keep them and myself entertained and am exhausted from it. I feel for those of you who's husbands are gone for weeks at a time."

I feel like you were talking directly to me when you said this part. LOL. I know you probably weren't. But yes it is hard!

Great pics and glad you had fun at CEC! I've not taken Keely yet...gee we should sometime. :)

Bridgett said...

Boy, I wish our Chuck E. Cheese was mellow, clean, and the games actually worked. The one we used to go to in Charleston was always packed and just nasty.

And most of the games either didn't work, or were out of tickets.

I would have been excited for 100 tickets too...not that it gets you much. LOL

And so glad you didn't have to roll dirty diapers in ski ball. LMAO

The girls looked adorable. Good luck with the babysitting!


Stephanie said...

You can tell she had the time of her life! Cupcakes are sooooo yummy...problem is that one just doesn't do it for me :)

Bernadette said...

It looks like such a great time! The girls look so happy! the matching dresses :)

Eli wants his birthday party at ChuckECheese this year...way too many commercials for it on PBS kids ;)

Stephycce said...

Haha too funny!
Sounds like you've been busy but had fun.
And the jumping up and down when you win I do that when I win any game in the house too LOL.


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