August 9, 2009

Let's Talk Business: Updated

**Update: The design site is finished! Click HERE to check it out.**

In honor of the girls' polka dot party I'm planning, I gave myself a new blog look. I hope y'all like pink :)

I'll be re-vamping my design blog a bit in the next few days. I shut down business temporarily this past week but I am back to taking orders. Visit the Dirt and Lace Designs blog or e-mail me if you want me to make over your blog!

Here are some of the blog makeovers I've worked on recently, click on the headers to check them out:

(Tricia's is private)

Today was a pretty lazy day. We sat around most of the day watching movies and playing with the kids. Audrey came over this evening and left a little while ago. She is about 37 weeks pregnant now. I can't wait for this baby to come out! I told Audrey I'm going to pretend she's mine so I won't feel the need to have another baby. Haha

Now Joe and I are watching Lock-Up: San Quentin. Love this show. Tomorrow we're going to try to get some things done around the house. We still have so much to do around here, and we only have a few weeks until a bunch of people visit our new home for the first time, at the birthday party.

Gotta get to sleep now. I hope you're all having a great weekend!


Ms.Emily said...

looks great in here lovin the polka dots! :)

clauren said...

Cute! I love it and cant wait to hear more on the poka dot party!

Anonymous said...

i would love to see ur new home and say happy birthday to summer and camyrn. :) but when i save up the money i would love u to make a blog layout for me but i am still thinking about a name :)


Bridgett said...

I love polka dots! Very cute, Steph.

carolinagirl said...

I love this blog layout, and your dirt and lace site is really great!!! Congrats on all of your hard work!

Stephanie said...

Love the pink!!!!!

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend...they go by way too fast at our house.

Chantelle said...

The new layout is super cute!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Tiffany said...

Cute blogs you've done! I love Lock-Up too! :)

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