July 14, 2009

Q and A Tuesday

Welcome to my first ever Q and A Tuesday! I got some really good questions from you all to answer, so here we go...

Wendy asked, "So why don't you ever talk about Joe's mother?"

Joe's parents divorced when he and his younger sister were pretty young. They mainly lived with their mom up until Joe's mom drove them to their dad's house for a visit and never returned. She did eventually ask to have visits with them, but that didn't last too long. Joe has not seen her since he was 11. The word is she has remarried several times, moved around the country, and has several more kids. It's a sad situation for Joe and his sister, who had to grow up without a mom, and my kids, who have one less grandma, but Joe's dad and grandma make up for her absence. I will never understand how a mother can abandon her children.

Brandi asked, "Do you want to have any more kids? If Yes, How many & when? If No, Why not?"

Bridgett asked, "Do you want more kids? Maybe try for a son?"

Brandy asked, "Do you plan on having more children??"

I would love to have one more! We plan on trying in the next 2-3 years. Since Summer and Camryn were both surprises, it will be very nice to plan a pregnancy. And yes, we would love to have a little boy. I've been doing research on how to create the best environment to "make" a boy. So far, I know I need pH test strips, and a Chinese calendar.

Bridgett asked, "What inspires you?"

Joe and my kids are my main inspiration. I look at them and I look at our life now and what I want to accomplish. Knowing I have this beautiful little family to build, and wanting to be a good role model for my girls pushes me along and helps me challenge myself and be the person I envision myself being. My mom and dad, who have been happily married for 25 years, inspire me a lot. And all you creative people I've met through blogging also inspire me every day!

Bridgett asked, "What do you think of President Obama?"

I like him a lot as a person. I think he is a wonderful man with good intentions. He inspires many and provides hope. I voted for him and I'm glad I did. Now, I am waiting on him to create this "change" he speaks of.

Not gonna answer your other one, Bridgett... my mom reads this! Maybe on Chic Chat...

Holly asked, "What's your fav color? tv show? movie? book? food?"

Color: Pink, Blue, Yellow. I can never decide.

TV Show: Desperate Housewives. Plus anything on TLC or HGTV.

Movie: Where the Heart Is

Book: Hmmmm... White Oleander was a great one.

Food: I just really love food in general. I'm currently into chocolate chip ice cream and caesar salads.

Tiffany asked, "Any tips/tricks on getting your girls to sit still while you fix their hair?"

From my experience, you have two choices: Distract them by talking about why you need to fix their hair and how pretty they will look and how much fun they will be able to have if they let you finish. Or, 2. Have someone hold them down. If you are alone, you can swaddle them with a large blanket. Kidding. Kinda.

Brandy asked, "How do you feel about children on leashes?"

Growing up, I thought it was awful. It seemed so inhumane, and just plain lazy on the parents' part. In fact.... my cousins and I were in the mall one day when we were around 13. We saw a lady with her two year old son on a leash. We were outraged, and my cousin shouted, "Do you keep your husband on a leash, too?!" She understandably gave us the finger. Now that I have two little ones who like to be independant and can run really fast, I can completely understand why it is such a great invention. I don't think of them as leashes anymore, I think of them as safety harnesses. They provide the child with freedom and a sense of independence, while keeping them safe. Who can argue with that logic?

Tiffany asked, " I still want to know how to make the tshirts and onesies!! I'm dying to know."

I replied to your comment through e-mail awhile back, Tiffany. Just wanted you to know I didn't ignore you! Making the shirts isn't too hard. You create your design in whatever program you prefer. Print it out in a mirror image on Avery brand t-shirt transfer paper. Cut the design out as close to the edges as you can. Place it on a pre-washed shirt and iron it on. Pretty simple, and if washed and dried properly they hold up amazingly well!

Frederica asked, "Did u make ur blog layout? Can u make one for friends?"

Stephanie asked, "How did you learn to design your own blog because I am jealous :)"

Tiffany asked, "How did you learn to change your blog?"

Brandy asked, "I love your blog, how did you learn to design it so cutely?"

Thanks for the compliments! My current layout is definitely my favorite one I've done so far.

I was inspired by Julie. She did a couple really great blog designs for me, and taught herself everything she knows. I wanted to change things around, but didn't have any extra money for a new design so I started Googling. Through trial and error, I am learning how to create my own layouts. It's not easy, and can get pretty time consuming, but I am enjoying the challenge. As a stay-at-home mom, it can be hard to find things to challenge myself with!

I have been asked by so many people if I would do a blog layout for them. On top of that, after seeing me change my blog around so much, Joe has been encouraging me to start doing it for others. Blog Design is a bit more lucrative than t-shirt design ;) So, I'm just going to see where this goes. I have decided to offer blog makeovers for $35, which would include the digital kit. Let me know if you would like one!!

Thanks for participating in the very first Q and A Tuesday! I hope some of you will consider participating next Tuesday. Feel free to steal my image at the top!


Stephanie said...

Joe's Dad sounds like an awesome man!

I really liked this Q and A...fun!!!!!

Karen said...

The Chinese Calendar was right for all 3 of my kids! :)

Bernadette said...

great Q&A!

...Eli came over to the computer and said "camera all wet, she gonna go swimmin today?" ...camera=Camryn in Eli speak ;)

Bridgett said...

This was fun! Great answers.
But I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to answer my other question in front of your mom!



gomillion and one... said...

Great blog today. Thank for answering my question. I have issues with Jeff's mom so its nice to know I'm not the only one.

The Chinese Calendar is what I used. It was right for Chase and for everyone I know. Hope it works for you.

-stephanie- said...

That was interesting. Thanks for letting us be nosy in to your life.

Holly said...

Fun to read all the answers!!

Angela said...

LOL at the tip about the large blanket! You are too funny.

Tiffany said...

The Chinese calendar was wrong for both of mine. I thought you were going to use the questions everyone asked in blogs when you have no inspiration to write...guess I was way off.

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