July 24, 2009

A Conversation With My Conscience

Stephanie, I don't know if this is such a great idea.

Oh come on, it's for Jillia's birthday! I have to.

Birthdays don't require bar hopping and drinking.

When the birthday girl is the type to swig Wild Turkey straight out of the bottle, birthdays always involve drinking.

Why didn't you suggest a fondue party? A trip to the spa? Chuck E. Cheese so the kids could come!

Maybe I want to go out with my husband and have fun for the first time in a year.

Oh right, it has been a year since Jillia's last birthday, when her intoxication caused her to yell, "All Indiana people are ugly!" in a room full of them. Sounds like fun.

You're right. That was bad. But she's still my friend and I have to support her on her birthday. Besides, I bought a dress to wear today. And earrings.

Yea, the dress you just tried on that makes your chest look even smaller than it already is, and is so short you may pull a Britney Spears a few dozen times.

Oh, shut up, conscience. I'll be careful.

That's what they all say.

At this point, there is no going back. I have a baby-sitter lined up, a new outfit, and am ready to go out and be among other adults and have a good time.

You are a fantastic, responsible mother who sits at home with her kids every day, caring for them. Don't change that now! Moms aren't supposed to go out and have fun, unless it's at the park or zoo.

What a stereotype. For all the time and love and work I put into raising my wonderful daughters, I deserve a night out.

Very well. Please remember to wear underwear.


Angela said...

I'm the same way. Have some fun! I won't tell anyone. ;)

Roxanne said...

lol...I got a great laugh out of that . I think we all have those conversations once in awhile.


Bridgett said...

Isn't it funny how after we become moms, we feel we have to justify a night out away from our kids?

The guilt I feel always amazes me, but here's the simple truth.

We're so much more than just a mommy. And sometimes we have to cater to the Stephanie/Bridgett not in mom-mode. :)

So I say go out, tip back a few, keep your legs together [LOL], and have a fabulous time!


clauren said...

Lol good entry.

Jenny.Lee said...

Haha nice!

thecavvys said...

haha love it! And totally agree with what Bridgett said!

Kristine said...

LOL! Hope you had fun girl. You do deserve it! Kev and I had a wedding to go to tonight. And I wore a short dress too...moms can be hot! (Although I was extremely concerned about my ass showing, lol!)

Chantelle said...

This is totally cute :) The pictures are gret too! I'm glad you had fun. We mamas always deserve a night out now and then! :)

Stephycce said...

LOL you do deserve a night out...All mom's do!


Tiffany said...

Hope you had fun! Cute way to write an entry!

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