June 2, 2009

Sleepy Kids and Atomic Bananas

I guess as long as they take a nap, it doesn't matter whether they make it to their beds or not!

I had an order to finish yesterday for a friend's co-worker who has two boys. She wanted their names in a font that looks like a tattoo. I think they turned out so cute!

Today I did a few things around the house that we have either put off or haven't gotten to yet. I got the rest of the baseboards in the dining room and living room painted. They look so much better! I also painted over some areas in the half bath that we had touched up. I stained the mantle for the second time to try and darken it up a bit. Then, 8 hours later, which was around 10pm, I painted on the clear coat. I tell ya what... this stuff smells like atomic bananas. It's really giving me a headache. Joe got the basement stair railing up, and got the wood putty put on the molding in the half bath. He also brought home two new toilets he got from work, and an old, big work desk for me to use for my shirt stuff.

Brief rant: There is only so long you can go with an unfinished kitchen and an unfinished bathroom before you start to go a little crazy. Ahhhhh.

Yes, yes, I know... millions of people in the world don't even have running water...

Anyway, time for bed. I'll post pictures tomorrow!


Holly said...

What a cute pic of the girls sleeping!

Alicia said...

That pics is so cute! I love the color of thei room too!

EmilytheCreative said...

That is a hilarious picture of the girls. And those shirts look great!

-stephanie- said...

As long as they're sleeping...all is well.

Kristine said...

Omg, I literally lol'ed at that pic. Too cute!

Um, I totally need you to do some shirts for me. My SIL is having twin boys in July.

Leslie said...

Oh the pic of the girls sleeping too adorable!!! Aww. Im so glad the shirt business is booming. I knew it would. Such a adorable, awesome shirts hun. I swear i will order very soon when i have some extra cash. Damn i wish i did right now, grr, lol. Those shirts are cute. Hopefully soon i will though :) Glad all the house stuff is still coming a long good. Im so sorry though about the unfinished kitchen & bath. Hun you have a reason to vent u really do. It will work out soon hun. take care xo

Bridgett said...

LOL...when the girls zonk, they REALLY zonk! :D

Those shirts did come out so well! I'm dying to order some for the kids...I'm just money-less right now. Blah.

BTW, what do atomic bananas smell like? ;)


Emily said...

I have missed keeping up with your blog:) so glad I have wi fi now! gosh your shirts are sooo tinking cute and the house is looking good! I love the girls room!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Your shirts are GREAT!

Terri said...

Those shirts are too cute!

As is the pic of the girls :)

I want to order some shirts in the future too for nieces and nephews and my best friends girls..when I have extra funds...but right now I am spending way too much on wedding gifts, summer clothes , bills etc... but I will :)


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