May 8, 2009

Rainy Days

It's a very rainy day in my neck of the woods. I didn't have any plans today, so I don't mind. Rain makes everything so pretty and green this time of year.

My rainy day has consisted of playing with kids, reading blogs, and drinking coffee.

(Note the coffee mug.. It's the one I won in Brittany's contest awhile back. I forgot to post a picture of it before.)

Today is my little brother Wesley's PROM! I cannot believe it. I feel like I just had my own prom, and here he is going to his, about to graduate from high school and go off to college. He and his girlfriend Mia went together with a group of kids from their school. They were going out to eat somewhere, and then to the prom, then afterward my parents were brave enough to agree to allow all of them to go back to their house.

My mom went with Wes to meet everyone at a girl's house to take pictures. She thinks she got some good ones so as soon as she e-mails them to me I'll share them with you all. I gave him about 10 speeches this past week about being a gentleman and making this night special for Mia. I better get a good report from her... I've tried to raise him well but sometimes I worry!

My girls are throwing Lego's everywhere so I'd better end this. Have a great Friday!


Kristine said...

It's been rainy forever here too. Today was the first nice day in a long time. And I have the same laptop, lol!

Leslie said...

Hey girl. I so wish we had rainy days here, lol. We havent had rain in days, *sigh* I love the pics. Your laptop is soo cool too. I want a laptop bad, lol. I love Brittanys mug too very pretty ;) Aww thats great your brother had his Prom tonight. I am sure he will be a perfect gentleman to his date cause you taught him well, :). I cant wait to see the pics. My gosh my prom was a million yrs ago it seems lmao. take care girl xo

Bridgett said...

LOL...I got the giggles listening to you 'mother' your brother. :)

I wish I had a brother...older, younger, I don't care.

I can't wait to see pics though. I love prom. I always had so much fun at mine.

Oh, and I'm so glad to see Britt's mug...I wondered what they looked like. :)


Bernadette said...

It's been raining almost every day for about 2 weeks here. ...My backyard is a swampy, muddy mess!

My nephew just went to Prom! Makes you feel like you missed a memo.

I had the talk with him about making it a great night for his girlfriend...and not to forget her corsage. (he didn't know to get her one for his ROTC event)

I hope Wes gets a perfect report :)

Ms.Emily said...

i dont mind the rain on days like that either :)

hope your brothers prom went well :)

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